The earth's core produces constant heat. If you drill down you can extract this heat and have a constant source of hot water to create energy. The used water can be returned and reheated, so you have a constant loop of cool water going down and hot water coming up. To enable the extraction on an industrial scale, the oil and gas companies have the expertise to do the drilling. The product is green. The only risks are earthquakes. But these can be avoided and reduced to small quakes which are controlled if they occur.

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We have it here in New Zealand, though we use geothermal steam extraction, not hot water, to generate electricity via steam turbines.
That said, a lot of $$$ can be saved by using geothermal naturally super-preheated hot water to make steam to drive turbines too.

Thanks for comment. Is this type of energy used domestically and is it successful and cheaper than usual energy types?
Cost depends on depth and @op you should remember that NZ is geothermally active - the ring of fire. Iceland too, japan, indonesia, alaska, california, west coast south America. It is not such an effective option if you don't have volcanos and earthquakes
Iceland uses a lot of geothermal & it Seems to work Really Well.

I was once in Reykjavik during the Winter months & it was Beautiful!
Not a Wisp of smoke/steam or anything else from Any building.

On the Downside - as Fargo motes - it's accompanied by Volcanic activity.

I was there shortly after a volcanic eruption & took a bus to Keflavik -
It was UnBelieveably Bleak -
A dark grey utterly barren Moonscape of volcanic ash.

Iceland is (or at least Was) the World's Best Kept Secret Winter Getaway!

The Gulf Stream keeps it Very Moderate -
Mid-Winter was like October in like, say ... Minnesota -
Pleasantly cool light jacket temps -
Ponds were ice free & folks were feeding the duck's.

Due to most folks bein' Unaware of the Great Weather near the Arctic Circle -
Room rates & dining were Insanely Reasonable.

I had a VERY MEMORABLE stay in the best hotel in Reykjavik -
And breakfasted on Steak, Eggs, Capers & Beer in the dining room -
For the equivalent price of a Budget Motel & Truck Stop food in the US.

happy place

@ miclee You missed the most important part... Are the chicks hot?
Yes, it sure is... and you can't get cheaper than free.

Geothermal heat pumps can be used virtually anywhere in the world. You need to drill between 10 to 300 feet apparently. No fracking required.
We all need to be as self sufficient as possible in energy, and should consider all resources. Dependence on Russia has highlighted this.
Ah, interesting - I was unaware of residential GT Heat pumps - up to 4kw for 1kw of electricity it seems, but it is limited to heating and cooling use, does not generate electricity as Solar does. The Super GT still requires large deep heat sources
The deeper you go the hotter it gets. But it's a free energy.
Hello Crown,

Drilling 300 feet down and installing the proper piping would most likely cost a small fortune. However, it still may be worth it...especially if you can heat more than one residence at once with the operation.

The initial drilling etc would be costly, but fortunately the oil and gas companies have the equipment and expertise to tackle it. They just need motivating by government, which means money for them. But if we are desperate for energy, can we afford not to use it?
The way things are going right now, it might be a good alternative.

I wonder what would happen if the majority of the whole planet used this technology, would it eventually lead to a change in the earth's temperature? After all, we would be robbing heat from it.

thumbs up GOT THAT RIGHT!

Europe got caught between a Rock & a Hard Place -

The US INTENTIONALLY(!!!) gutted its Own Energy Industry -
Undoing achievements under Obama & Trump that'd made it A (The?) World leading Energy Exporter and going Back to the '74 OPEC Oil Crisis status of Energy IMPORTER.-
Very Likely the Most Epically STUPID Policy in World History. (ROCK)

Russia then cut the gas supply to Europe. (HARD PLACE)

Europe has Shredded the Sanctimonious Climate Change Agreement Crap -
It's Massively!!! goin' Back To Black - Burning Coal in Record Millions Of Tons -

And the US has gone from exporting relatively Clean Oil & Gas to Increasing its export of Filthy Coal!!!!! ... EPICALLY STUPID!!!

New EU Anthem - Sung to the tune of "Off To Work We Go!"

Dig Coal! Burn Coal
Hi Ho! Hi Ho! We're gonna dig the coal -
We won't freeze in the dark, Oh No!
Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Hi Ho - Burn Coal!!

Y'all CanNot make this Kafkaesque Shit Up!!! ... rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Instead of wearing COVID masks, people can look forward to wearing woolly hats, scarves, fur coats, gloves, boots and sit in front of a candle. All courtesy of governments lack of energy planning and complacency.
conversing blues uh oh help
You need 30k and the type of house that becomes unbearably hot when you cook a roast. A cash rich, fresh air poor home that really makes me hope they come up with anything better.
Why not you ask? How about the laws of expansion & contraction with the application or removal of thermal energy or heat? Removing heat from the Earths core would/could cause the core to contract due to lowering its temperature. What effect on the planet would that have? You don't know, nobody does. There is a very old saying, "There is no free lunch". This planet we share is the only habitable planet in our solar system, before we go and risk destroying it we better be damn sure we don't to something stupid which could lead to it's destruction.
Why Start Now?? ... dunno

:One Might argue that Cooling the Earth's core Could threaten it's Magnetic Field -

Should it Weaken Sufficiently or Disappear -
We'd be exposed to Solar & Cosmic Radiation - Be like tryin' to live in a Microwave Oven violin

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