Your daily dose of Donald...

It's never quiet in Trump world. I believe we are up to 3 news stories daily.
Hopefully, we're past the lie about Trump having the power to declassify documents at will. Right?

Let's go with that story anyway and say he declassified documents in his possession at Mar-a-Lago and neglected to over stamp the classified stamp at the top of them. Plausible?

Previous excuses included: I don't have any, I would have returned them if you had asked, The FBI planted them, They're mine, I declassified all of them.

The one detail he forgot is the possession part. It's illegal ( ex-president or not) to have taken them in the first place. Coming up with an excuse of 'I was planning to send them over' reminds me of the guy who was stopped by the police driving around with a kilo of pot in his car. Just as the police are about to arrest him, he blurts out "But officer, I found this pot on the side of the road and was headed to police headquarters to turn it in!"
Get my point?

What else happened? Oh yeah, last week, Donald revealed the FBI spent hours searching through Melania's lingerie. She felt so violated that she could never wear them again (regardless of laundering) and that she had to buy all new underwear.
Is that a tax write-off for the latest fall fashions?

Trump's back on the grifter rally circuit in Pennsylvania and declares war on Biden being an enemy of the state. More on that later...

This week, it's the FBI searching Barron's room. Quoted from one news source he said:
"And even did a deep and ugly search of the room of my 16-year-old son — leaving everything they touched in far different condition than it was when they started. Can you believe it?"

If you ask me... no. That is unless it was specified in the search warrant and I didn't see it listed when I scanned the warrant. Why search the room of a 16-year old kid?
Was he scanning documents for dad. Hmmm...

This weekend I came in contact with a real live Trumpster and a few of my friends asked do you really think he won the election? His reply started with Hunter Biden's laptop. I got the feeling he may be one of CS's bloggers, but I was afraid to ask!
It must have been a close encounter with a Trump Borg having him repeat the same phrases I see here.

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It is gaslighting from both parties now....

Neither can tell the truth....

And, the people in charge...are ALL corrupt.
No argument there...
Biden doesn't have a money making cult following. Trump does.
No, but he does have a son that made millions from shady dealings...professor
What son? Eric, Don Jr. or son-in-law Jared?
Now Chat, I thought you were smarter than that...

Ask, Bill Maher. He kinda tells it like it is...
I like Maher but I've been immersed in 'How to get your guitar to sound like Eric Clapton' videos this weekend.

I'm not sure if he was keen on a deal brokered by Jared Kushner and Saudi Arabia.

"A newly revealed multibillion deal between Saudi Arabia and Donald Trump’s son-in-law and former senior adviser, Jared Kushner, shows that the scale of apparent corruption and brazen misuse of power during the Trump White House was even more audacious than we previously thought."

Like I said...

They are all corrupt....

A few days ago I read that Trump stated when he wins 2024 he will release all those who are imprisoned from the January 6th insurrection.

At his rally on Saturday nigh, he went after Dr.Oz's opponent Fetterman saying:
"... he's a raging lunatic hell-bent on springing hardened criminals out of jail ..."

There must be a fine line of his criminals versus someone else's criminals.
You are evading the topic at hand....about Hunter Biden’s lap top...

BTW...never would go to any political rally....

I think they all serve a purpose of making a politicians’s ego..bigger than it already is.
A lot to consider. Remember just prior to the 2016 election the comment Comey made about Hillary that was a gift to Trump?

Why are they holding decisions for Trumps taxes and mishandling of classified documents until after the mid-term elections? Maybe it's because they are favoring Trump and any indictment prior to the election would be the kiss of death to Trump supported Republicans.
I do not like any mudslinging in politics. But, the is what both sides have came to.

Case on point, DeSantis and Crist....

DeSantis calling Fauci an elf....Crist calling ALL Republicans the party of hate....

Neither will get my vote that way...
Sorry, I didn't think that was the topic at hand.

I didn't follow the laptop story and from what I read, the laptop allegedly belonged to Hunter Biden. An unidentified man dropped off a laptop for repair containing documents that would compromise Joe Biden's campaign. Some say it was planted.
That falls into the same category of the FBI planting classified document in Mar-a-Lago or Barack Obama was gay and Michele being a transsexual.
I remember how everyone hated Obama...and he was not born in Hawaii...despite the birth certificate...

I voted for Obama the second time...

I liked his health care bill.

That came after watching people putting chemo treatments on 10 different credit cards...And, since I was lucky, and had good insurance, I did not have to do that...

I also worried the million dollar limit...and, what I would do to continue his treatments...

He died before I had to face that...

The only thing that most complained about was that it was mandated....When in reality, it was doing the responsible thing.

In a country as willing to spend money...we should have health care for all..
He died before I had to face that...

Sorry for your loss.

In a country as willing to spend money...we should have health care for all..

Trump ran on having a plan that was better and cheaper than ACA.
He had 4 years to implement it with Republicans controlling both houses... what happened?
Case on point, DeSantis and Crist....
DeSantis calling Fauci an elf....Crist calling ALL Republicans the party of hate....
Neither will get my vote that way...

I don't watch broadcast TV very often and one night checking the news, I got to see some serious mudslinging.
I believe that the only solution is to have a health care system much like Medicare...but the cries of Socialism..and the push back from insurance companies and big Pharma...will never let that happen.

It was nice talking politics without mudslinging...

Have a good day Chat...

I have to go to work...and see many deplorables...laugh
It's been real...
I'm outta here too as I've got some drawings to finish for presentation tomorrow.
it's not a lie about declassification.

it is a lie that allowing a mass mail in election with out full audits to verify legal and illegal votes is a safe, fair, and secure election.

well, to say what's illegal or illegal for the people with the absolute highest security clearances in the u.s. isn't for you to say.

at least not until you raid the other past presidents to see what they possess. wait, the most recent are on the same side as the current threats to our republic.

prosecute hillary, one that never even had executive privilege to begin with. then ol' hunter should be under investigation and prosecution. the laptop is real. we need an outside agency to go after the farce b i for covering up so much corruption

so what other actual criminality can we expect you to try protecting next? did you forget that trump has video should he decide to release it? do any of us know what's in that video? so to try discrediting trump seems to still be backfiring for many.

so much "speculation" with so little evidence or truth. however, blatant disregard for law as the communists keep spreading and pushing their propaganda, we now have fuhrer o'biden in philidelphia pennsylvania. he's real unifier isn't he? destroying the economy and u.s. independence isn't enough. must be why every thing has to be about trump and russia.

the real failures, criminals, and threats need all the distractions they can get.
Draganear, I can always count on you to lose focus to support your agenda.

Please point a link about who has the power to declassify top secret documents, other wise your comment is fake news.
there is no agenda. trump's policies were the closest we had for country and citizens.
economy, educational standards were increasing, terrorism decreasing, energy independence, less government interference, and more.

the people you try distracting for have improved so much. we're looking at food shortages, continual increases in crime rates, expanded government, increased support for terrorism, continual increases in regulation, taxes, and mandates, and the list of negatives is still growing. the drug problems are getting worse. spending is soaring which will drive up tax rates even higher. the demonrats are already talking about it after mid terms. the demonrats ARE the threats and destructive forces. i won't run interference for real communists and criminal elements. we watch them get away with it while opponents are made to be examples of what will happen if we don't go along.

irs has already been weaponized in the past as well as the farce b i to present. now they will be again in force. thank you for your contributions to the violations of our constitution and rights. no one is safe or secure and it's only going to get worse. no one has to be proven guilty. they can be violated and fish for anything to twist later.
You're side stepping the issue.
It's illegal for an ex-president to take home top secret classified documents.
Trump doesn't have the power to declassify them.
You say he does.
I say, show me the proof.
Biden has Soros.
as well as all the money he got from foreign countries via Hunter's shady business deals

I haven't really followed all of the posturing from either side to be able to keep with all the crap that's flying - but, if Trump declassified them before he left the WH than this is another big nothingburger because any president can say anything is declassified and it is immediately declassified.
Nearly every week I hear a conservative mention that 92 year old evil billionaire George Soros. I've never seen him or heard him, haven't a clue what he actually does and believe he gets too much credit for being the villain in politics.

But thanks for mentioning him!
no. you're ignoring the issue.

POTUS has the authority to fully declassify. for a sitting ruinator to revoke another ex-president's executive privilege to allow a farce b i raid, is among one of the most atrocious things communist dictators can do.

instead of realizing and acknowledging the crimes his own party is getting away with and how government agencies have been used against political opponents front and center since obozo. along with the dsmages to this country, you're focused on trump

trump hasn't been in charge since 2021. republicans have not had the majority. republican have not used federal againcies against people or political opponents. they have not made things worse for the country. they don't need the distractions to get away with even more.

demonrats have continually gotten away with much. the people are suffering as your hatred flows free. thank you and your type for the flagrant one-sided ideas of "law". thank you for thinking the people are safe as we face more hardships coming from the communist policies.

thank you for making every thing about trump to cover the failures of your fuhrer, o'biden. maybe they aren't failures as they bring the people down right where they want them.
Your the only one talking about communists, fuhrer and dictators.

Trump is a FPOTUS with NO POWER to declassify documents.
Boxes were moved to Mar-a-Lago and stored at his residence in a room near the pool.
The process involves more than a magical declaration 'these are declassified'.

Twice, I've asked you to provide proof that Trump has the power to declassify top secret documents and you haven't. You have done your usual twist of something that fills your agenda on my blog.

I say he cannot declassify top secret and you say he can. I'm asking you for proof.

One has to question why someone who allegedly has millions of dollars tucked away, would use a back street service centre to repair a laptop when a new one would be easy to get.

The fact is the laptop is a red herring put to spread false information to malign Hunter and his father.

No one with the intelligence to get millions of dollars from foreign countries would leave an incriminating piece of evidence at a computer repair shop.
Hunter’s bank activity made the FBI watch list...millions of dollars coming in from different countries....

Not a red herring at all...remember he was a drug addict....I don’t think they really think that well of covering up their tracks.

Did Joe know??? Time will tell.
Hmmm. @ Mr. Chat..
George Soros [ farmer [ of ] Coffin s.
That's etymology.

Your admission that you don't know anything about him...also means you know nothing about Amerikan policy as it pertains to the 3 tiered just US system.
$0R0$ the one who funded the Train*.
Which - NO theory- I saw with my own eYes in 2016 in downtown Fresno.
* Trump caravan was shadowed by BLM/ Antifa crisis actors Everywhere along the campaign trail. And remains the No.1 story FOX ( to name just one.
Will not venture into.
No. 2 story that NO one in media wants to know
Jared Kushner & George Soros had a joint real Estate venture in NY...) .in addition to who knows what ?!
Interesting reply bob... thanks for making it coherent for me to comprehend.
I always thought Jared Kushner would follow in his fathers footsteps.
This past weekend his name came up that he owns a few hundred acres in Palm Beach County that's ripe for development. He's also got interest in some Miami Beach property.
Everything eYe type is not only is
Mostly Logical, musical & value able..

Airplanes } b o b.
.NO Nations. } Jets overhead
Facts of Life } black box recorder.
..a r. } .jet lag. } . simple plan
Ten pm red pill....
...walked into living room... Berkeley democractic roommate is staring at PBS TV... Orange man bad, part 33,079...
..eYe begin to talk back to the stooge on TV...which irritates the 86 year old Berkeley ite..
...He of course, believe s the picture on said tube..

I say, " you realize that it is still official govt. Position
..that an x- marine & a $13 dollar carbine, took the life of JFK with a magic bullet.. ?"
..his Epic reply....$0 what ? ..

( Mind you, this guy was 20 years old ... BEFORE EYE WAS IN DIAPERS & FLIP FLOPS. ) ..
..Once the red-blue spectrum worx it's program magic on the viewer, even the illumination of agentbob in 3D. Person... cannot amend or McChange the position of blissful ignorance.
@ab It is also eminently eye-g-n-o-r-a-b-l-e
I used to think that the greatest torture would be to be strapped down, eyelids pinned open and confronted with endlessly playing MURDER SHE WROTE episodes. Instead you have risen in my esteem to the same lofty height; having your 'musical prose' before one's eyes is way up there too.
You have esteem ?
@ab to hold in high regard - does not necessarily imply admiration, well but yes it may. Your writing is offensive to the EYE (aka I) and to the intellect, but as I skip over the verbose punctuation it still manages to offend the EYE, fortunately any hidden meaning it may have escapes me! You do know of irony and sarcasm presumably, since you receive heaps of it.
Just show me where I'm wrong .. lightweight
& Skip all your non relevant vitriol.
I believe I was addressing Chat.... moving on..
You must watch TV .( . amount per day not all that important. ) ...and TV is what is informing Amerika as 0range Man bad enters it's 33, 079th chapter.
..I just wish you & Jim could see what bona fide investigation looks like.
Here is my "Theory" on the Don. I'll make it quick.
He owes important people..big Time. These people, 1 of whom could be G. Soros, required a big favour...
( .run for Prez. As Republicrat* ..and you will have a 3 yr. Term. ) of story pending.
* Up to 2016, the Don had given boat loads of money
To Democrats- namely, the Clinton's.

Now, the aftermath...the part where all my conservative buds here will disagree...which is fine.
But Logic is in play... The one group of people who fared the WOR$T in the Corona Plandemic. Given as multiple choice to help you TV heads think.
.a.) govt. Employee$...b.) .elite Democrats.
C. Rank n file democrats. D. ) Time/ Warner
E. ) . military folk & dependents.
F. ) .senior white Republicans who believed FOX & op Warp $peed & Trump et Cetera.

$ ] he blinded me w/ science ,) Dolby
Ballot results ) minutemen
Little Donkey ) .Rocky Fellers
..a. r. ) $0cial Q. ) Cage the Elephant
Trumps' departure from the White House was chaotic.
(see link below as his former aides stated)
Remember, he actually thought the insurrection would shop the certification of vote and he would remain president.

There are protocols for declassification. No president can immediately and verbally declassify classified documents. I'm surprised you actually believe that.
Please post a link to a reliable source.
Otherwise, what you are saying is based on misinformation.


Some of the reader comments are interesting:
"They may want to use a chaotic last-few-days exit as an excuse, but remember, they had ten weeks to prepare and execute his exit. That Mr. Trump went into an extended election loss denial, well, that's on him. He had a duty to perform an orderly move out of the White House."

"I think Trump honestly believed that he could "squat" in the Whit House, and be president for as long as he physically occupied the building. Apparently he was unable to grasp that the presidency is not a street address, it is an elected position."

"Still, his practice and manner of doing things is no excuse. He knew that Secret, Top Secret and above required special handling, care and attention. It now sounds as if state secrets could have been picked up, handled, and viewed by numerous people w/out clearances as they cleaned up after him in the WH dining room, hotel rooms, on Air Force One, in the bathroom - wherever."

"So the excuse in the making is the classified documents were taken because they had to leave in a hurry? Who created that situation? That is not a legal defense. "I was in a hurry because I was not able to overthrow the election and had to leave.""

"Trump’s biggest problem is he lied to the FBI about having top secret documents back in June. Then the FBI seized the documents he lied about. Then he publicly admitted he had these documents in August. Basically, he admitted to obstruction of justice without even be accused."

"So now we know what he did in office...played golf, watched Fox News, signed personal notes and autographs, threw dishes at the wall in the dining room, directed cabinet meetings like he was on The Apprentice, saved images of himself on magazine covers, running his companies, begging for contributions which ended up in his pocket, all while playing president of the United States. When did he have time to run the country?"
.eYes only | Trumpenstein creature

Think you know sum thing bad about the bad man ?
..I'm only doing this because brute Force physics is my special gift to CStepford Institute for bad tidings.
..the Trump File ) 71 videos*
..the Channel ) Enterthestars.
Click playlist...see Trump.® ..see more Trump..
See so much Trump you may wonder ? ? ..
Gee, how much more trump is there ...?
* Best you look at short, not sweet videos first.
Even though it's all bad...all the Time... ironically,
You may not be interested in the full picture. Bee
Cautious about re posting any video you "like"..
Because it's $0 bad to the Trump brand.
..part 2 . ) . follow my Lead & beware of blowback.

Said it before, now I'm re Peteing { rocking..

At the TOP everyone 1$ on the same side. Any "jail" 0range man may be going to...will be 100x better than the FEMA camps the commoners are going to.
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