Biden Explains We Can Only Come Together As A Nation By Exterminating The Republican Half

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In a stirring call for unity and peace in America, President Biden today called for killing off half the country.

"It's real simple, folks! " said President Biden. "America can be united if we can just murder everyone who disagrees with me. Peace in our time, Jack!"

While most Democrats agreed with Biden's understatedly brilliant plan, some expressed concern that he was getting ahead of himself. "We've only just recently introduced the idea that anyone who disagrees with us is a dangerous extremist who deserves to die," said DNC Chair Jaime Harrison. "You've got to give that a little more time to marinate before we really start taking them out."

Republicans argued that telling people you disagree with to die isn't really unity, but to no avail. "Hey, I tried asking nicely for you to stop disagreeing with me," said Biden. "But you Republicans are making unity impossible by insisting on saying I'm wrong. So we've got to do what any good democracy does - kill all of you."

At publishing time, Biden accused Republicans of violence after they reportedly started buying guns to defend themselves from extermination.

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I was Unaware the Babylon Bee Quit Satire & is now Reportin' REAL NEWS!! ... ::dunno:

Danger Will Robinson !

Presidente 81 million
..has the Technology & the will to use it...
To become...
Presidente 86 MILLION.
No, it was satire... Biden is only talking about making MAGAts less relevant.. comfort
Biden made a strong speech. Gloves off and high time too! There is no point in appeasing the rabid and incorrigible 'We wuz robbed' deplorables! Time to win over the middle and moderate republicans who sensibly reject Trump's rabble rousing.
fuhrer o'biden made a speech. even he can't honestly quote or give evidence that the 2020 election was safe, fair , or secure. they wouldn't allow audits and every one had to fight tooth and nail just for the small areas that did. of course they found a lot of problems and irregularities. even our third branch of government wouldn't get involved when they should have.

as luck would have it, some states did some reforms to help ensure better election integrity.

i will continue to deny that 2020 was a fair, safe, or secure election. it was any thing but. since no audits were done to at least prove legal and illegal votes, fuhrer o'biden can threaten all it wants. it won't remember doing it the next day any way.

o'biden, his party, and any one else can go choke themselves. they can't prove a damned thing either. just parrot what they're told.

trying to label any one "maga" doesn't do them any good either. most of the people that actually love the country and want better for their fellow citizens want Amarica to be great again. like it was starting to be during trump era policies.

then somebody played a PLANdemic, screwed it all up playing politics and it's been down the drain, circling the crapper all over again. to make matters worse, mass mail in voting so they could steal an election.

in my experience watching the demonrats over the years, anything they're projecting and screaming about, has already been perpetrated by them and gotten away with. some of it still underway. hence the fishing raid at mar a lago. a special master will be appointed as it seems they have at least 40 years of trump's tax returns and who knows what else they shouldn't have. yeah, no reason to be there as they weaponized the farce b i. guess the law might prevail to to put a stop to this fishing expedition this time.

so they distract by blaming the other guy because it's too soon to do it again so they may not have a chance in hell when it IS more fair, safe, and secure.

any one see how the numbers for the last census screwed some states over and overly helped others?? is there going to be a committee for that to be investigated?

o'biden and cronies aren't fit to wipe peoples' butts, let alone be in charge of anything. every thing they do is a cheat for them and a downgrade against the people.
His Toxic Diatribe against his Countrymen/women was Disgusting.
The most Divisive Crap ever spat out from Any US Prez in History.

After Four Years of the Bloodiest War in US History -
Lincoln sought to Heal his nation - Urging Magnanimity towards the Confederacy -
Even its Political Leaders & Generals ...
"With Malice towards None, but Charity for All ... "
- Lincoln's 2nd Inaugural Address
Generally regarded as one of the Greatest Speeches in All of History

Exploiting Isolated Incidents during a Four HOUR Riot -
Dementia-Ridden Ol' Joe's Handlers have the Sick Old Bastard spit Divisive Venom at 1/2 of US Voters
(Prob'ly MORE - including Independents & Decent 'Crats he's Now Driven to MAGA!)
* ... devil
"Strong Speech"?? rolling on the floor laughing ... Like Hell!! - It was Sickening.

And the WokeCom's Stalinesque J6 Show Trial Further Exploits the Four HOUR Riot to Spread Division - SOLELY For Political Purposes.

* The Lincoln Institute Excerpts Vid of Ol' Joe's speech (and ONLY Excerpts from HIS speech - ALL the Words are HIS ... NO COMMENTARY) is beginning to be Memory Holed by YouTube/Big Tech -
It can No Longer be Saved to One's Vid Library & "Share" options have been limited.

By Doin' so, Big Tech has Tacitly CONFIRMED that Joe lashing out at his countrymen was Vile & will be a Disgusting Blotch on US History.

Anyone wishing to Share it should do so Soon -
Before it's Taken Down & Totally Memory Holed.

Big Family surprise...the nut jobs from Fargo
Enjoyed the speech...( .. plural because he
Would have to entertain " Entities" ... putting it nice- to enjoy such a stupid performance.

Blind Eleven super re Wind... Booker Elem. Bonesman G. Bush was with the 2nd graders reading up on goat husbandry...
Directly behind Prez. Bonehead was a sign...
..which read..) Reading makes a country Great..

McBob. ) $0 then, what would make such a country
" Great Again." ? ....take your own 911
Mcblogment will be forthcoming.
Part 2. ) ..also on the board to the Left of POTUS,
Was a cartoon ...which depicted a eerie representation of Mr. & Mr. Obama...
Here's Commentary on Ol' Joe's vicious diatribe ...
very mad

Cuz I KNOW How much some folks Respect & Love Hearin' from Sky News -
Enjoy, Y'all ... teddybear


Must've Missed Ol' Joe's Not-So-Veiled Threat that He has F-15s & MAGAs Do Not.


I did NOT coin that term. ... scold

Credit Given Where Due -
The 1st use of the term to describe 'Crats that I'm aware of came in this Presentation -
... Which was Broadcast Nationally in the US last evening - 9/6/22.

I'm Guessin' "WokeComs" is Gonna Catch On - It May even Replace "Democrats"


It's often hard to tell the difference laugh
Time to split the USA into the US and America. Leave the United States to its own devices and every state that wants Trump will align to form a country calling itself America, making him President for Life under his slogan MAGA. .

No need to have animosity between the US and America, either, they can stay on friendly terms as long as they don't interfere in each other's policies, even support each other when the continent is under threat.

Otherwise yup you are all going to kill each other. Nobody who wants Trump will ever accept anyone else, and nobody else will ever accept him. frustrated
Also, a curious fact:

Biden's speech was on the same date - September 1st - that Germany launched its offensive against Poland in 1939, igniting the second world war.
You're not the 1st to raise the prospect of a US National Divorce, Suzie.

Since "Unifier" Ol' Joe's been POTUS -
The Concept's gained Remarkable Interest - Among MAGAs & WokeComs Alike ...

Creepy comments. The Biden speech, open your ears, was powerful. Where are the 'Ol Joe' and 'Dementia' comments, idiots, bigots! Come on speak up.
Powerful how? In a Nuremberg Rally type way of trying to divide & conquer by means of declaring a large section of the population as an existential threat to the nation? Powerful like that? Don't hold back, Fargo. Raise a one fisted salute to der führer Biden if you like, mein Frund!
Yes very powerful non-Pedo Joe, the man who would never grope a child or shower with his daughter, has fired you up, thanks for helping save the soul of America cheering applause cheering
@chancer did you listen? Du bist nicht mein Freund.
I wasn't pretending to be smile

The Imagery of Ol' Joe spittin' his Dark WokeCom Venom at Murkuns -
From a Set reminiscent of what Hollywood would use for the Witch Of Endor conjuring a Living Corpse from Hades ... devil
(See the Lincoln Project Presentation Vid in my comment above roll eyes )


Rousing Trump MAGA Rallies Boomin' Out a Positive INCLUSIVE Message -
Like Woodstock Festivals for Adults ...

WokeCom Strategies - Or WhoEver Hellishly Staged Ol' Joe's Malicious Diatribe -
MUST be FREAKIN' INSANE!!! ... rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

blues It's Hearbreakin' As Hell for those who can recall the UpBeat DEMOCRAT (Not WokeCom) Party of the likes of DFLer "HAPPY WARRIOR" Hubert Humphrey.
broken heart

Avatars have Difficulty comprehending humor/sarcasm.


Wokecoms? Reflects a mindset and an intellectual level I think. Don't you too?
The use of 'commies' in American speak is one of their banes I think. It is one reason to least respect them with their 'Reds under the beds' mentality! McCarthy seems to be still a kind of god.
There is the old idea that if one ignores a pest, they give up. But, Bidens hatred for Trump, along with the rest of the Dems, makes sure Trump is ALWAYS front page news. They are the best ad ever to keep him front and center and give the people reason to question the brains of the Dems.
Biden spewing hatred for MAGA and those who support it, is off the wall. Make America Great Again is a phrase that makes sense. It doesnt mean we wish to Saint Trump. It means we agree with a businessman, not of the cabal of DC, that things are screwed up and we think new directions should be taken.
The whole speech was mega creepy. From the date to the red to the backing of military, it smacked of a dictatorship. Either the speech writers are out of control, Biden showed his true colors..or the writers WANT to out Biden for what he really thinks.
I have seen hatred for the other party. Hatred for a POTUS. But the rage the Dems and Biden have against Trump is beyond normal. It borders on stalker insanity.
Why? Because he is an outsider? Because he threw a wrench into the Clinton dynastic plans? Because he woke the people up to how out of control DC is?
The Dems are outraged because the people are defying their lib ideas. We are trying to block their tax and spend policies. Like little children, they are throwing a tantrum. They sound like little Greta dare you.
Guess what? We do dare you. And this November more than ever, we will be voting Repub. Bye Bye Biden. By the way...anyone notice how he acted when he de-planed the other day. He comes down to be greeted by a woman soldier, another women and a man. He shakes hands with the soldier and hangs on. Then he goes to the other woman, shakes her hand and really hangs He moves in, making sure she can't get away. Leers at her and keeps her close longer than proper. Finally he releases her and briefly shakes hands with the man. What a creepy old uncle sam.doh
Long ago there was a shampoo names Gee your hair smells nice. If they made it today, he would be the spokesman for it.barf
Orzzz -
Ol' Joe gives hugs like a Creepy Old Uncle -
Hildebeest struggles to Escape Ol' Joe's Groping Clutches ...

doh ... Good Grief, Y'all!!!

had another Big Gulp?
Right on as always Orzzz..................handshake ...........................jenny
Ol' Joe's Handlers attempt to Clean Up his Toxic Attack on 1/2 of his countrymen/women -
To UnSpit the Venom he Clearly Spat - And Deny he threatened 'em with F15s -
Though he Actually Really DID ...
Long Story Short -

1st they have him Gaffe & Gore the WokeComs' Ox ... foot in mouth
Them Lie that' they Didn't have him Do what he Clearly DID ... liar

rolling on the floor laughing

You May be Correct -

WokeFASCIST Could arguably be More Accurate than WokeCOM -
It's Close Call ... dunno

Powerful like that? Don't hold back now chancer raise a one finger salute to Orange Jesus.. wink

Recently, per AP's reporting, Trump has moved from "winking" at Q-anon to openly embracing them. Q-anon song plays and MAGA supporters give unusual finger salute as Trump speaks at JD Vance rally in Ohio, video shows.. hmmm

Embedded image from another site

Imagine confusing people raising their finger to God with something else. You really are a sucker for propaganda.

But then again if you can't understand or recognise faith in action, then I probably should feel bad for you.

And before you say 'it's cult worship!!! they worship Trump!' - I say WRONG

If you actually talked to people supportive of Trump, you'll fairly quickly understand that by and large they worship GOD, not any living person and definitely not any politician.
Crazed Hildebeest likens "one finger salute" to Nazis ...
head banger
The Anti-MAGAs are gettin' Insane Desperate!

rolling on the floor laughing

Ol' Joe's former press secretary, Jen Psaki, explains Why Hildy - and rank & file useful idiot Anti-MAGAs - are Insane Desperate to cast MAGAs as Extremists -

If the '22 Mid-Terms are about Ol" Joe & Anti-MAGA Policies -
"... They'll lose, and they Know it.."
thumbs up
Dead On Balls NAILED It, Ms. Psaki!!

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