4 eyebrows... another tattoo fail

A woman in Thailand decides to have her eyebrows tattooed.
I've heard of this before. Asian women often do this because their eyebrows have thin hair. The tattoo is to darken the natural lines so they don't require daily cosmetics.
She went to a budget tattoo artist and didn't get the expected results.

The 2nd set of eyebrows were above the real ones having the appearance of 4 eyebrows. The woman complained to the artist who said he would remove them, but that didn't happen as the next day the clinic had closed down.

It's reported the woman hid away for a year until she could find another artist to fix her eyebrows... for free.

Video in Thai, but you can get the gist of what's happening.

Story link in English:

It looks like Groucho Marx!
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hikimayu - but they used to shave off the real ones - goes back 900-1100 years. Not to mention the blackened teeth!
I though that was only for stage performance. I see it was a cultural thing too and the 'painted' eyebrows were actually smudged.

Maybe the Korean tattoo artist was trained in Japan

I see that hikimayu was banned by the govt back in 1870; according to the article from which this image comes men also practised it.
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Both hikimayu and black teeth - ohaguro

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