It must be 'like-me' day

Because today I've have 10 like-me's (a record for me, I think) none of which I could respond to if I wanted to, because all are 30-36 seeking some old sh*t up to 60 or 70! So it goes.
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I believe many of those new profiles were created by the same person.
Would you prefer dislikes? laugh
@merc 35 yo Californians (or Floridians) do nothing for me, and I never respond, they are probably males from Nigeria or some such. Often they are US armed forces from Iraq or Afghanistan - not so much these days, they are not quite so silly. Technology has improved to the extent that tin-eye no longer recognises the images.
6 more today - whoopee doo!
I had encounters also like this. If it is to beautiful to be true, than it is mostly fake. And if you really want to make contact, just ask for a video call and they will come up with the most stupid excuse why it isn't possible.
Good luck and don't let them fool you
Well at least people like you. They don't like me very much apparently. Have barely got any.

Merc, like me. Makes me feel a tad better about myself.

Now that is actually hilarious. laugh

Aye pal. These would be mostly scammers trying to eek out a living by duping thirsty old men and emotionally vulnerable women. It's sad, but it is the way the online world goes round.
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