Well, it doesn't matter who you are, you can still have adulterous relationships and become king of England and the commonwealth. And supreme governor of the church of England. According to previous interviews on TV Charles admitted his relationship with Camilla, who now becomes Queen consort. The marriage to Diana had apparently irretrievably broken down.
It was definitely a CROWNAFFAIR.
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... however you cannot under any circumstances marry an American divorcee and become king.
What went on in his relationship with Diana I dunno
Some times the tap get turned off, I dunno what caused the marriage breakdown do you?
there was more to the abdication of Edward VIII than marrying Wallis Simpson!
Just seen the official appointment of Charles as king. Among the spectators were previous PMs , including Tony Blair, the Catholic, who together with George Bush, approved the invasion of Iraq under the false claim of weapons of mass destruction. The result was the deaths of thousands of Iraqis and British and American soldiers.
With regard to the breakup of Charles and Diana, this was apparently partly due to his association with Camila. Diana said that there were three people in her marriage.
Yes I think I read that to. However what actually goes in bedrooms isn't always shrouded complete honesty.

It is certainly quite common here in Australia for a women to attempt to turn the water off using velvet glove as a weapon of choice. I personally can attest it some times occurs here in Australian, common once the breeding season ends !!
I wonder if when Diana said there were three in her marriage, how far that went. Surely not at bedtime?
confused dunno
Would America like to make Meghan Markle Queen of USA?
I'm sure she'd like it. It would be her chance to gain revenge on the British Royal family.
The state funeral of the Queen will take place on Monday 19th September at Westminster Abbey. It will be a bank holiday.
The Queen had to deal with tons of crap. Old rules didn't count anymore so she had to get with modern it or not. Diane was not suited to the life. Acted like a spoiled brat often. The age difference between her and Charles, plus upbringing made for an ill match. He needed a virgin to bear the heir and the the spare. But, otherwise she needed to fade into the woodwork like a proper English royal wife. Speak when spoken too. But, she had other ideas. Rather like your teen today acts to your rules. So he snuck off the the old cow that was his peer and didn't make waves. Talk about the War of the Roses, that is what Charles and Di became.
In a modern world where people divorce left and right, the royals saw no reason they couldn't. And the Queen was stuck. Give in or else. Old rules are out.frustrated
Apparently she saw more eye to eye with Camilla since they were closer to age. And as any mother, what makes your son happy...well...bite your tongue.
She made an edict that she changed her mind about Camilla never being more than a Duchess. And that she be named Queen Consort.
It is 2021, not 1921 nor 1821. Of course go back farther and we end up with Henry the eighth.laugh roll eyes
So Charles gets the job cause what else can they do.frustrated
I think that Camilla was always in Charles's mind and perhaps you're right, he wanted children and when they arrived he decided to pursue his real love. Diane would have been neglected and her problems then started.
I'm not a monarchist and I don't accept people should be treated as some superior being.
And what is annoying about all this constant TV and radio coverage of movement of coffin etc, is that football games have been postponed this week. Why? It would have been better to have crowds together in a stadium who could show appreciation if they wished. It has just frustrated loads of fans.
3/4 of a million people are expected to descend on London next Monday to watch state funeral. Hope they have enough toilet facilities.
Some British commonwealth countries are still moaning about what the previous Royals did to their countries when they were colonies. Slavery etc, and they want reparations for this. Jamaica is an example. How far back do you go to complain about historical acts?
Whatever you can get away with, as far back as you can. It is the will and the will alone that counts in everything. Welcome to the 21st century.
Could you trust the football fans to behave themselves while the police are busy elsewhere?
In this situation? Yes.
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Playing Queens and Kings and castles and princesses and so forth in 2022? Well...
This whole business of royalty started with wealthy lords fighting with armies to take control of people and land. The victors were crowned and then treated as godlike. Nothing to be proud of. Supplied with castles and servants and nothing to do but eat and drink and be entertained. And at tax payers expense.
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