Here's my list so far...

Working on my list of Putin’s achievements:

1. Strengthen and expand NATO.

2. Inspire Germany to rearm.

3. Lose European energy markets.

4. Reveal inadequacy of Russian military hardware.

5. Crush the morale of Russian troops.

6. Bankrupt the Russian population.

7. Isolate Russia from global institutions.

8. Diminish soft power network of Russian oligarchs in the West.

9. Encourage skilled Russians to emigrate.

10. Turn Russia into a helpless Chinese dependent.

11. Make US Intelligence appear omniscient.

12. Mass-slaughter innocent Ukrainian civilians – the friends and families of Russians. Destroy their homes, schools, churches and hospitals.

13. Inspire Ukraine’s national pride.

14. Ensure that Ukraine will never, ever want to be part of Russia, and that an angry armed Ukrainian population will hate Russians for generations.

15. Reinforce global image of Russia as incompetent, corrupt, dishonest, brutish and violent.


Putin is a genius. Few people can say they have achieved so much in a lifetime, let alone 7 months.
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You watch TV pretty good. Get factual briefing on WW3 by people other than TV heads
@ Rense Radio every Monday night.

Or if you just prefer TV...check out [ free !
Seinfeld | Risk Episode ( featuring UKRAINE
& " Lights out."...) From almost 25 years ago.
Available on YouTube as a short trailer.
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