One's shoes and shirt says so much...

about who they are as a person. If you think about many people you know and the clothes they wear...primarily their shoes and shirt, you begin to understand who they are.
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Don't know if they do shoes though! laugh
laugh Hov....good one.

Robert"s shirt heart beating
Proper Johnny Boots! What woman could resist you? laugh

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Cap...yes....Robert does look rather dapper in that shirt he had on...when he had his picture up. wave
Hov....could I get you in the sack if I had those on?

rolling on the floor laughing

Maybe! (Our scary slippers should meet one day)
If in doubt... Knit.

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Are those yours Hov? laugh

Perhaps one day they will meet....and intermingle. thumbs up grin
I look for S oul and S pirituality..
How do you tell in a time where office casual became slob daily. I was taught lazy in dress, lazy in life. I crack up at jeans that are more holes than cloth. People paying $50 to 100s for pants I deem worn out too much for the barn even.
My parents were at a lunch counter once. Sitting next was a well known lawyer in town. Later dad told mom, he had noticed frayed and dirty cuffs and worn suit. He said who wants to hire a lawyer either so poor at his job or so careless. He said he had more respect for the farmer in bleached white, carefully mended bibs and sparkling white town shirt than that lawyer.
It is nuts that the young set great store on influencer brand names that look like Goodwill rejects. And pay insanely to buy them.
Must have white teeth but shoes that look like dumpster trash.
Guess people are raised to be themselves and that includes no respect for themselves or for others.
Great example Orz..thank you so much for sharing it. thumbs up thumbs up

So Johnny, do tell who I am..

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Hello Sea...

A lot of times, you can tell a person's soul by looking at their eyes.

At least, that is what I believe.

You are a traditional thinking person who likes the comforts of matter what anyone says. Hence...not much of a risk taker.

Is that what you understand who I am?
I have been living with me all my life, and I still don't know who I am completely.
I know most, but not all.. wink
I tend to go around barefoot, barechested. What does that say about me? Mowgli?
How about... Cute? grin giggle

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That just about depicts me to a T. Maybe the pants have to be a few sizes bigger as I have to tuck in my pannus stomach, but otherwise that's me.
So Johnny, do tell who I am.. again! grin

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Husbands always took good care to dress nice all the time.
Not wearing brown shoes with a blue suit.

Is shampoo very expensive and combs obsolete?
I can't believe women showing up on the TV with hair that needs washing and could use a comb or needing a haircut.
Johnny, have you seen the latest? long hair all worn over each shoulder and some show one side shorter than the other side...........
Who starts this?...............................jennyteddybear
Hello Joseph,

With no shirt and shoes, it is difficult to tell.

As we are discovering, your attire can also represent you at the current moment...whether it be for your occupation or just for the mood you happen to be in at the moment.

wave picture, you are going to work.

or just trying on shoes (which will be an answer for all of your photos)....

however...I will assume you are wearing those shoes with a purpose at this point. you are going to work. one down, you are intending on participating in a physical activity...maybe a long walk or a jog.
Kal...third one down, you might be planning on going want to be comfortable while you enjoy yourself out at the mall.
The bottom ones, you are going to some sort of informal social event. Perhaps you are going to a restaurant but you are going to meet up with friends....somewhere.

How did I do?
Hello Jenny,

Good point...that could be another's hair.

I think the hair that you describe is a sign of the times....the rebellion.


As far as who started it...perhaps feminism? dunno

Perhaps another thing that started it....the Satanic Order. dunno
You're only telling where you thought I went to, not who I am. laugh

Well, believe it or not, I wore those shoes to the office also. Once I arrived at work, I changed the shoes to a formal one.. you know with high heel and everything. Except the one you thought it's for jogging. That's not my shoes. I bought that one for my niece. tongue

BigFoot says he knows lots of women who like guys with big feet - for some reason or another.

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Kal...good one with your niece's shoes. laugh
Hello Robert,

I wonder why too Robert. confused I also wonder if Big Foot has a lot of ladies in his rolodex. ...unless he owns a cell phone. laugh

Whatever brought that on Johnny, "............The Satanic order"?
That is true to a certain extent…but it can be misleading as well. I feel that people here are less judgmental than in Asia.

I love dresses! It was hard for me to find dresses that I actually looked decent in back in Malaysia due to my hefty frame. Not many choices and even if I was lucky enough to see one, it’d be normally out of my price range and I would have to wait for it to go on sale blues

It’s so different here in the US. I’m spoilt with so many choices!! applause Majority of my clothes are pre-owned or thrifted. The new ones were normally bought by Art.

I try to look decent and presentable whenever I’m out of the house but it’s a whole lot different story when I’m at home…most of my loungewear are all faded, torn and tattered grin Art exclaimed in disbelief, “How come you never had on all these horrible clothes when you took pictures for your CS profile when we started corresponding?!?” rolling on the floor laughing

I think I have a shopping problem…..coz I had been deprived for far too long help
BC....not really sure...but it just seems like the hip thing these modern days.
Hello Mimi,

Ah...I see you did some false advertising. laugh

You are right though, your outfit can be a form of manipulation. Take for example somebody dressing up as a police officer. I would be confident saying that many would interpret that as them being a real police officer.

Yeah Johnny,

what brought up satanely order, or something like that? And, and also, what's the deal with people saying if a guy has big feet, it means he has big private equipment too? What's that all about? dunno are diving into the mysteries of the world. Some....nobody can answer...while others...only women can answer. laugh
My dad usually wore a suit when we left to go into town to shop. He said one owes it to others as a sign of respect to dress clean and neat and as well as one can.
It drives me nuts to watch TV and see people interviewed on the news or talk show and they look like something the cat dragged in...AND back out again. Do women not comb their hair anymore?
Dad mentioned to mom once about a woman in the store with big rollers in her hair. In public like that??
Mom said well perhaps she has an event tonight and wants to look good for the people. Dad said isnt she with people now?doh
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