The Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival aka Mooncake Festival...

China is 13 hours ahead of the East coast USA and their festival started on the 10th. My plans Saturday were to go to Miami and shop at the huge Chinese market to get some Mooncakes, but a Celebration of Life for an old friend lasted longer than expected.
Instead, I went to a Chinese supermarket near my house, but I was surprised they didn't have any Mooncakes.

Some Mooncake history and legend:

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This must be the Chinese version of Riverdance...

The first Chinese moon-landing and mineral retrieval was (no coincidence) called Chang'e-5 as in the fairy story (no 5 there, unsurprisingly). Go easy on the mooncakes, they are mostly dreadfully sweet.
First post I saw on Facebook was my daughter's Moom Festival FEAST - holy crap they are only 3 in her family yet she cooked a huge variety of chinese dishes that could feed a dozen. I Love her so much.
I found 2 different styles of Mooncake.
The first had a salty egg yolk in the center:

The other recipe doesn't have an egg yolk in the center. Instead, the center is red bean or lotus paste.

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