Mooncakes are gross

I bought a mooncake two weeks ago , I visited a Chinese bakery and saw them wrapped up with a sign $9. The woman told me they only make them once a year so I bought one. I figured it must be really good since it was so small and expensive. My mind was changed after the first bite. Bitter and gross. I threw it in the street and then ran over it with my car just to feel better about the situation.

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$9 for one yuebing? There's one born every minute. 6 for AUD$30 around here. And as for 'gross' someone has strange tastes. Overly sweet for sure, and 1/4 of one mooncake super-sates my sugar craving. Bitter? That's weird since most are filled with sweet jams like black sesame paste, red bean, jasmine, lychee or durian. Some are savoury, but bitter? Unimaginable!
Maybe in San Francisco they do things different, the woman told me they are only made for one month during the year
That's because yesterday, fullmoon, was mid-autumn festival, zhong qiu jie - but you can buy tins of them all year round and the are considerably cheaper 'off-season'. They are not a great delicacy anyway, too sweet as I say. SF Chinese or other shopholders are just as likely to BS as any others.
I think I'll stick with Twinkies
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