skulduggery or suspicion in the chess world!?

Multi-time world champion Carlsen withdraws without explanation from the fourth round of the Sinquefield cup having been soundly beaten by a lower ranked player in round 3. Background muttering of computer help suggests cheating, but I viewed the game and just thought it was uninspired play by Carlsen, an off day so to speak. The rumblings won't go away quickly.

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Yet weirdly he was filmed playing chess with niemann on the beach the other day

I see the tourneys are conducted with 15 minute move broadcast delays, hard to see how cheating can occur supposing it is by wifi.
I didn't know you could cheat at chess.
Well if you are receiving transmissions from your remote team, or handsignals or other communications it certainly is possible - and Niemann confessed to having cheated in online chess on at least two occasions. In online chess, cheating would involve using one of the chess engines - the Engines such as Stockfish, have an ELO around 3500 compared with Carlsen in the 2800's
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