MAGA with The 65 Project...

Most people think of Make America Great Again when they see the acronym MAGA.
The 65 Project may rewrite all that, as the new acronym for MAGA is Making Attorneys Get Attorneys.

Basically the project states that after the 2020 election, Trump's lawyers filed bogus lawsuits in attempt to overturn the election results. The website lists their ethics complaint filings against those attorneys.

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Also the highest level in an obscure brand of witchcraft. These things help take our minds away from the reality of Amerika the FEMA Pharm.
It's 4am in California... up all night or up really early?
I'm a pool man. I was well rested from my power nap yesterday.
..the pattern with me is usually a flurry of blog activity
.in the dark silence until lunch...then maybe or maybe not in the Evening.
If you are a content must read & meditate... frequently.
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