Your daily dose of Donald... 9-13-2022

This reads like a tabloid story about Bigfoot. He was spotted in DC with no specific agenda. Later he was spotted in Virginia driving a golf cart, something he's really good at!

I haven't heard the final on who is paying for the grand special master. Trump wanted one, let Trump pay for one. No negotiation required. Judge Raymond J. Dearie was listed as a suitable choice. I'm not sure if it's been confirmed.

Trump's lawyers say the classified documents seized at Mar-a-Lago may not be classified. Interesting comment from lawyers who saw a photo sampling of what was found there... extra points, though as it matters not if they were (pick any) top secret, classified, declassified as ALL of those documents belong in the hands of NARA and not ex-president Donald J. Trump. According to law, he broke the law.

No delay for the criminal tax fraud trial against the Trump organization. The trial is set to start on October 24.
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I'd have a big mac thank you.
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