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How long have you not tried your best to love someone? Or will you never do it again?
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Since puberty, I reckon.

By the way, aren't websites such as this blocked in China? I'm rather surprised xi allows this through the great (fire) wall of China. Nevertheless, I'm glad.
Yes, at that time, love was the purest, without any conditions. It seems that you don't know the real China.
Been loving the same person a few years now but as they don't want to be loved, (or not by me) trying to reverse-engineer my way back to normality.
Do you think that Chinese women can be romantic?
Or are they only happy with someone wealthy?
@CA that is SUCH a stereotypical question - how about 'do you think Chinese people can be so predictable and one-eyed as Western people'?
I don't think western women are predictable or one eyed. How can you think such a thing?
@cf that implies you think males are not people - with examples of attitude like yours I suspect some females will agree.
You said, Western people, which includes women. So we are all predictable and one eyed in your opinion. If anyone is predictable it's you. The question was directed at the blogger not you, so you must learn to avoid butting in and not be so predictable.

As I heard last is good. Love is of God.

As the world seems to be under siege by not so good....loving is a lot more difficult these days.

Not impossible, but the loving and good...have a tougher battle ahead of them.

....but still should move forward with their loving hearts.

Yes. We have god to thank for creating the instinct for war. If only he had made us more appreciative of one another.
@CA refer back to your original sexist racist and stereotypical question - think about it for a moment. It has race gender stereotype and insult.
Hello Crown,

What makes you think that Satan is not at work at certain times?
I think Satan keeps messaging me at the moment. But I recognise him as he is predictable. Not you of course, your role is no doubt that of an angel. We all have our parts to play in this world and I am due for an Oscar soon.
fair enough Crown...if that is what you think and believe...good luck
Predictable racist accusation from someone who loses an argument.
rolling on the floor laughing
I tried for my whole life , now I am single so will try again if I find the right one teddybear
You are an idiot doh
@CA your question to @OP is offensive absurd and disgraceful. It is racist. It is sexist. It is ignorant!
I think Chinese women are beautiful, but I've never had a relationship with one, so I am curious as to their type of personality. Television documentaries portray Chinese women as being spoiled by their parents, as they are usually an only child, and they seek a male partner who must be of a certain financial standing. Is that true or not? If not, then the programmes have misrepresented the facts.
@CA ah, that is much better expressed! The first words were awkward in the extreme, but that gets the question across. Chinese women are the same as Chinese Men Or UK women or UK men or you or me - some are greedy some are grasping, most are kind and understanding and generous.
@CA in Chinese culture relationships are often unions of families, so the parents tend to be more involved. Perhaps it was so in Western culture before, but now it is almost totally up to the children to choose as they will. In China it is largely thus these days too.
Traditionally not romantic because it's the parents telling her to marry for money like she really needs the money, when they often don't anymore - which is a recipe for divorce. The government is telling her to have a heart, marry someone you love and stick together.
For me, it's easier to forget a person who doesn't love me than a person who once loved each other. After all, there are good memories
I don't know what happened to you before that made you revive Chinese women. I think there are vanity seekers everywhere, right? What do you think of romance?
Don't watch TV dramas now. Go to the Internet more. My friends around me and the Chinese women I saw who married abroad are all villas and cars they bought after making money from our media. The best and truest opportunity to learn about China (I am one), but you believe what TV says
Hi Ray,As long as you believe, you will meet. Happiness may be late, but you will not be absentheart wings
Kiya , I have happiness from my children but not from romance, thank you , hope the best for you as well heart wings
Yes, maybe my chemical reaction is on the waycheering
@FF Thank you for your opinion. I won't explain too much to CA, because it's useless for those who don't know you
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