Any terrorist that wanted an opportunity to exploit a situation, would not have a more opportune moment than this. Thousands of people gathering, heads of state from many countries, including other countries royalty. The US president. No other occasion would be larger and have so much attention as this. A nightmare for security.

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Sounds like a job for Crown Security, let the police go watch the football matches. I'm sure it's what Her Majesty would have wanted.
Hm. Lets hope it does not end up being a Hindu funeral for the queen. Funeral pyre, Sati and all.
Football matches with London teams have been postponed till after funeral.
BLUE9 is operating elsewhere in the nation's interest.
Yesterday I got a medal of honour for posting something similar on someone's blog.

Btw old jo won't be attending.
Joe Biden is expected. His bullet proof car is being sent. The other heads if state are expected to use a bus, but sounds risky.
I do not want to be rude or anything, but what's with the 'old jo' thing? That's what I would call 'slightly' rich given that you are 99 years old.
On the American channel they said last night that he wasn't coming, but sending someone else. dunno

Do you personally think he's fit to travel?
I meant to write Ol' Joe
I'm sure Biden is coming, otherwise Trump may be asked.
I have spoken with Noon at security HQ, and he assures me that Biden will be there plus his special car and entourage.
Oh well...if you say so?
We shall see? uh oh
Buckingham Palace did not invite President Joe Biden to assemble a delegation to attend the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II next week, and instead extended a specific invitation for only the President and first lady, a White House official told CNN.

The White House announced Sunday that Biden had formally accepted the invitation and would be accompanied by the first lady.
Was talking about that this morning, the security headache involved. Lots of vice presidents and deputy prime ministers day-dreaming "what if"
Tiger moth
I thought Biden was the president. His entourage would be security only. What did I say different?confused
At one of the funeral processions on Monday, a spectator shouted out to Prince Andrew, You're a dirty old man! Two people pushed the guy away and a policeman then arrested him. Is this an infringement of liberty or not.?
I posted it for those who seem to know what goes on in the U.K better than the ones that actually live here.

As you pointed out most Heads of State travel with an entourage and this is not possible under these circumstances due to the vast amount of people attending the Funeral [ 2,000 inside ]and the massive crowds outside of Westminster Abbey and beyond. The streets of London will be heaving. You only have to see how many are in attendance through this week in Scotland and the U.K. to see just how much this lady was respected.

Hence the local bus servicewink
It sure is a mark of disrespect though don't you think.sigh There is a time and a place for everything and a funeral procession is hardly the right time in my humble opinion.
Tiger moth
Thanks for that. Biden and his wife + security would of course be the exception. The rest must queue at a bus stop. Unless of course they refuse. It is only a request and hope that they abide by this procedure.
There are actually several exemptions .This might help.

When is the best time to protest. Surely it must be when it can attract the most attention. Otherwise it would not be effective. But maybe it was unwise at this funeral. Though to be arrested for verbal comment reduces the liberty of free speech. Does it not?
There is inherently no right way to protest, given protest challenges norms.

Freedom of speech and freedom to protest should be an inalienable right, but there is always a balancing act where our opinions and rights impinge upon the opinions and rights of other people.

Whilst I appreciate that there are a myriad of issues triggered by the queen's death and that anger is an appropriate response in some cases, I'm also good with waiting until she's cold before we tally the pros and cons of having a monarchy.
Don't forget the travelling troublemakers, they are usually known to authouities and will be removed when they misbehave. Surely this is a public service.
How do we know that the Queen is in the coffin? It could be a dummy and the real body somewhere else. A security precaution perhaps?
Have you noticed how many pall bearers there are for this coffin? Normally one has 6 at a funeral but because this coffin is lead lined ready for internment at Windsor it has to have 8 pall bearers due to the weight and the Queen as you know was a diminutive person.
Aparantly, Diana's coffin was 6'2" in length because of the lead lining (she was 5'10"} and the eight pall bearers had to be around 6'4" to stop it from looking disproportionately long. As the pall bearers were from the Welsh Guards, it must have taken some doing to find eight tall Welsh men.

Having seen images of the queen's coffin, she must be wearing 6" heels and a crown in there to get it long enough for eight pall bearers.
I'd say not. Why would you send her off like that when she'd be safe in the palace. I wouldn't, and who's to know anyway. I actually think it would be disrespectful.
The press seem to be focused on the position of Harry and William actually walking side by side. What are they supposed to do? Stay 100 yards back from each other?
It isn't about length Jac it's about the weight of the lead.handshake
Apparently 500 invitations were sent out to countries, including China, which has annoyed some members of parliament due to China's human rights record.
I'm sure you've heard the expression "you can please some of the people" .Go figure. Bit like on here at times.grin
Take it from sum One who is 100,000 times more
Hip & astute than 007 ..

There is no such thing { anymore
As Joe Biden*. He has been replaced by
A full $ervice crisis Zombie.

* To prove this to yourself, just examine Senator Biden video or V P video & most of you just might
Actually learn sum thing.
Take it from sum One who is 100,000 times more
Hip & astute than 007 ..

There is no such thing { anymore
As Joe Biden*. He has been replaced by
A full $ervice crisis Zombie.

* To prove this to yourself, just exam

I really wish I could learn something from your posts but sadly like most people I am unable to decipher them.grin
A lame excuse from a lame person.
Nope both my legs work perfectly.grin
The funerals of royals are a dignified performance which includes the aesthetic.

Princess Diana in her 6'2" long coffin would have made 5'9" average male pall bearers look like oompa loompas.

The queen at (the alleged) 5'3" plus 4" for the lead lined coffin would leave each row of pall bearers 16.5". The back of my head to the tip of my nose is about 10", so four sturdy men in full uniform would end up looking like a bumper to bumper, Monty Python skit.

Also, a very big, or very small coffin forces us to evaluate how we saw that person in life compared with them in death. The queen was a big woman in life, but in a normally close fit coffin would look barely more than a child in the back of a hearse.

The last thing you want is for the deceased dignitary to look comical, or pathetic on the world's stage.
Elizabeth was large as life that's for sure Jac. Even in death she seems to be re-uniting people bless her. I watched the move from Buckingham Palace and whether you are a Royalist or not the pomp and ceremony was beyond belief and I'm proud of this heritage They did her proud ,even those wonderful horses .
There is division too, but I'm holding back from discussing any of the complex historical, politcal and cultural dynamic until she's at least cold.

Apart from objecting to the Belfast man implying Charles is a paedophile without any actual evidence. I think that's a pretty shit thing to do to any man.

Maybe we can chew the cud at a later date?
Agreed Jac, there is a time and a place for everything and it was totally out of place, as were some other blogs on here which are totally abhorrant.handshake
Apparently, a Chinese government delegation has bee banned from attending the lying in state of the Queen, according to BBC. They were refused a request for access by the House of Commons speaker due to their sanctions against 5 MPs.
No doubt a certain blogger would call this racism.

conversing conversing
An infringement of whose liberty?

Should someone have the right to publicly heckle a mourner, or should someone have the right to mourn their mother unharassed?

Our liberties, freedoms and rights are in the context of other people's liberties, freedoms and rights and they often conflict.

Personally, I think a balance was struck: Andrew was able to attend his mother's funeral procession, but was marked by a conspicuous exclusion from the dress code for all to see and publicly comment on over the garden fence. The heckler had the opportunity to publicly protest, but once was enough.

The heckler was arrested for breach of the peace, but the actual charges haven't been publicised. I suspect it will be made to go away quietly given emotions are running high amongst those who support and object to the royal family. Now is not the time to act in a way that might inflame, or offend anyone.

I did rather like seeing the aforementioned dirty old man's reaction to the heckling, mind. I suspect it might have been worth the inconvenience of being arrested and sitting in a cell for a bit. hmmm
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