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The security and logistics of possibly a million people wanting to converge in Westminster to pay respects to Queen Elizabeth is an event never to be repeated. I saw a few short videos of the procession from Buckingham Palace and thought of other famous people and how it was best to handle crowds like this.
Could more people witness a procession with less security risk if she were on a funeral train?

I did some research.
President Abraham Lincoln was the first in 1865.
His presidential rail car that was never used while he was alive, was fitted as a hearse and it traveled 1,654 miles passing through 180 cities in seven states.

President Eisenhower's funeral train passed through seven states during its journey to Abilene, Kansas, which Eisenhower called home.

I don't recall if entertainer James Brown had a funeral train, but he had private services with friends and family at an undisclosed location, then a public service at the Apollo Theater in New York and another viewing at the James Brown Arena in Augusta, Georgia.

Too late now, but I'm curious if the planners of the Queen's considered that.
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Yes, they will send her to the Apollo theater after Buckingham palace thumbs up
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