Your daily dose of Donald... 9-15-2022

There's a lot going on in the world this week. Preparation for Queen Elizabeth's funeral, Florida's governor Ron DeSantis sending 2 planes with migrants to Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, My pillow guy Mike Lindell having his cellphone confiscated by the FBI.
Somewhere along the way, Trump was asked about a running-mate for 2024 and if his daughter would be considered. His reply was no.

Stories keep regurgitating about seized documents from Mar-a-Lago. We all know the story changes to fit the questions and somewhere along the way 'some' documents were returned... his lawyers took his word for it. This leads to a credibility issue and if said documents had actually been returned, a search wouldn't have been necessary... or as some like to say, Biden's weaponized police state would have searched and found nothing.

If his lawyers supported false claims, they become liable... sticky isn't it. At some point if a lawyer gets charged, he may rollover on Donald to avoid a risk of disbarment.

Already some of the Trump Organization top employees have pleaded guilty on tax fraud. If you recall Michael Cohen stated that Trump approved every decision in his companies, so only one person should be responsible to as they say in gangster movies 'take the heat'.

Regarding lawyers for all things Trump... If you don't get your money up front, there's a really good chance you'll be working for free. I was going to use the statement PRO BONO, that that refers to clients with a low income. Donald doesn't fall into that category.
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What did that freak intend to do with those docs in the first place? If he were a reader, which he isn't, it would take another lifetime to plow thru all that paper. And if he could, so what? So far, this looks like another prank to test how far he can push the vandalism. Alarmingly, tens of millions of sociopaths believe it's OK.
Selling foreign government top secrets on the black market could bring untold riches...
rather than pro bono it could well be for a future quid pro quo but depending on a promise from that geezer is pretty fraught.
True, but with all the hacking going on now this kind of thing is probably considered old fashioned and cumbersome. If there is a hard copy then there is a digital source somewhere.
The State archives have probably already been replenished, if it was their wish to do so.

Imagine scanning lots of paper documents before you could upload them, that's not practical. However I could see the case for using them as a bargaining tool.
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@ab silly man, with dots dashes brackets and punctuation you pretend to convey significant meaning. What tosh you write! Yet you do make me laugh ... well maybe sneer is nearer.
First of all . As in Number 1, the comment was not intended for out of town TV Zombies-- of which you are the ultimate Zombie.
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Should now be aware...the Corona response team headed up by VP Mike Pense...& Trumpeted by FOX TV, radio...led directly to the desired outcome..
The Elephant was caged & the lemming folk, ie, senior Republicans were reduced in number by at least 101,000 units.
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FargoFun does seem to have a point tough. I mean, I often find myself thinking that it is hard to read and understand your comments, if not impossible.
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