Waiting 14 hours to see the Queen...

The Queen, Lying-in-State outside Westminster Hall in London has crowds reportedly waiting 14 hours to see a closed casket and pay their respects.
Reports are due to the huge number of people, the queue was at capacity and entry had to be paused for six hours making wait times reach 14 hours as the line stretched 5 miles (8km) from Parliament to Southwark Park.

One woman interviewed said she got in the line at 4am Friday. Quoted as saying it's a moment in history to celebrate and would regret not being part of it.

I saw a reader comment about the lead lined casket being closed. He had suspicion her body wasn't inside.
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Hi chatillion,

The Queen's coffin will not be put underground as is the norm which is why it is lead lined to preserve the body longer. Both her and her husband will be transferred to St. George's chapel at Windsor Castle where they will be interred. Her coffin was actually made 30 years ago .

The enormous crowds now gathering in London show just how many people respected this lady and they are not all British subjects either. Yes it is a moment in history and frankly one that we are unlikely to witness again.sad flower
I read about the 30 year old coffin of English Oak and lead lining to preserve the corpse, especially when above ground (crypt, etc.) but, Elizabeth died of natural causes and it would have been 100 times more significant to those who have traveled tens of thousands of miles for a viewing of a closed casket.

Body preservation cannot be maintained in an open casket, I understand, but a glass panel just for the viewing and after sealed with a lead lined lid would have been the ultimate.
As she is raised up on a plinth you would not be able to see her anyway. Also as you well know there are many who have no respect for Royalty so it's a form of protection with guards at all stations.

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Easy fix...
Bullet proof glass and a mirror so those passing can get a final glimpse.
Honest answer and not to be perceived as a joke.

Unless they are concerned someone would have a hidden camera (that passed security screening) and unauthorized photos would show up on the tabloids.
To my knowledge an open coffin has never happened or probably ever will Chat. The public are never allowed that close anyway for whatever reason.
We love a good queue in England it means everything's ok. You know where you are in a queue.
Dont get what is wrong with people paying respects to a queen, a dedicated lady all her life, even to last two days whilst she saw an old PM out and welcomed new one in. Her family like many others put her through the mill, our trials were not in full view though in full view.
If folk want to queue for that length of time so be it, they chat together so the respect is happening long before they see coffin. R.I.P our Queen sad flower
That's simply not cricket, Chat.

We don't do that open casket thing, we do closed coffins.

It would be vulgar to have queeny's corpse on display for people to gawp at.

As for glass and mirrors, it's not a ha'penny bit fair ground attraction.


(It's a cultural thing, it may be sanitised, it may be a bit less emotionally open, but we don't order each other to have a nice day, either.)
Do you speak for all of The United Kingdom?
For Great Britain, maybe not the UK.

It's pretty unusual to have a wake, or funeral service with an open coffin here. Individuals may choose to visit their loved ones in a funeral home in the days before the funeral, though.

The advantage of it is that people can grieve how they choose. Personally, I don't like seeing friends and family without their life in them.

There may be other cultural practises here that aren't British, are culturally mixed, or a bit new age, but the bog-standard is closed coffin.
The wait to see the Queen is now 24 hours Chat and police from all over the UK are to come to Londen to help out.................next
jac, thanks for your response...
A parade at tax payers expense
Tax money at work. They aren't forced to do it and seem to be happy enough about it. I wouldn't, though. And I am a British tax payer. My choice.
Well why would she be, she'd be bored stiff. uh oh

I do feel sorry for the coffin bearers, it must weigh an absolute ton.
I don't mind paying for a parade. I'm more concerned about people queueing up for 48 hours when after they buried their own grandmother, they went bowling. I'm more concerned about the Putin within whose response to a miserable failed state is to worship the head of it. It's always roughly 80% this figure who can be persuaded by authority to do just about anything - particularly when nothing actually works.
We have gone off topic sorry chat but I need to say this to Chesney

People there whom are employed struggling to to pay their own bills shouldn't be paying for this parade

The Monarch are for the people? How so?

Each & every roayal have millions sitting in their bank accounts Why aren't they paying respect to the people by paying for all of this themselves?

A chef worked for the Queen for 10 years He was also the corgi's chef given bits of paper with menu's

The chef met the Queen once in the kitchen..Once in 10 years?

Corgi's had their own bedroom with footmen who made their beds ect

My nan would of worked for 70 years if she had all that razza mattaz too

We now have Andrew who was stripped standing guard by his mum in full uniform

The list goes on & it's a farce
Maybe the 12 hour wait went to someones head, although some reports the wait being 24 hours. One man breaks from the queue, rushed at the coffin and pulled at the royal flag.
Police grabbed him and took him away.
Live video feed was temporarily paused until order was resumed.

News story:

Replay on Twitter:
I went to Shanghai Shibohui 2010 - 2010 Expo - and queues for some exhibitions were 8 hours long (I wasn't in them). As is/was the Chinese way, there were queue-jumpers aplenty. Even with 24 hour queuing I suspect you'll find no queue-jumpers there in London!
You're welcome, Chat.

My first post on the subject was tongue in cheek, taking the piss out of British culture. We're not as emotionally effusive as you Americans and pride ourselves in dignifed conduct, although it's not necessarily emotionally healthy.

I remember seeing footage as a child of a deceased Russian leader in state, in a glass show case. He'd been dead a good while and I found it vulgar.

I recoiled as we recoil from macabre Victorian museum pieces and fairground attractions.

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Inside or not, the public sure loved that old lady, in life and death. She has my respect.sad flower
I find it crazy to stand in line for up to 24 hours to view a coffin. She doesnt know. And 40 people ended up fainting in line. With ten days to bury, I think a closed coffin makes sense. And people can remember her smiling live face, not some corpse.
I feel sorry for the family. Instead of private mourning, they have to entertain a circus.sad flower
I agree Orzzz. It's getting way over the top - all the obsession with ceremony and media coverage. They are a family just like any other that need to be left alone to grieve naturally. The peasants drifting through looking at the coffin just seems wrong and morbid to me... The family and the public all need to give some space.

And also stop assuming that everyone loved her and her death is the only news item in the world.

That's right, lots happening in America.
Some reader comments (on a Queen's funeral story) described a former US president is predicting the crowd at his funeral will be 10 times bigger than the Queen's

Oooh! Competitive Regal Funerals? They wish! laugh
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