Judge Strips DOJ Access to Mar-a-Lago Documents, Hands Everything to Reagan Appointee

A federal judge on Thursday appointed a special master to review documents seized in the federal raid on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida.

In naming retired Judge Raymond Dearie, who had been proposed by the Trump team for the task, U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon also said the Justice Department must not access what it says are classified records confiscated in last month’s raid.

Dearie, appointed to the federal bench by then-President Ronald Reagan in 1986, was the only one of four names proposed by either Trump or the Justice Department on which the two sides could agree. He fully retired from the U.S. District Court Judge for the Eastern District of New York late last month, according to The Hill.

Trump must pay the costs of the special master, whose review is due by Nov. 30.

In her decision, the judge rejected an argument from the Biden administration’s Justice Department that it should be able to review about 100 documents it has said are classified and ban the special master from seeing them.

Cannon was nominated by Trump to serve on the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida in May 2020.

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Now, we will see the true reason they attacked/raided Trumps private residence. Those 100 classified documents most likely will be incriminating to not only the FBI, but also the DOJ. Now, the question remains: Will the DOJ honor the Judges order and supply ALL 100 documents....unredacted?
Politicians are fast becoming untouchable in the USA. These are the first signs of a declining system. Corruption, like a worm hiding inside a plump apple, will soon eat you up from the inside out!
Well Joe, let me break it to you gently...
..this is [ .and has been
The Amerikan $uper Position since 1775...
C. Nimrod
.2. Osiris
1. Apollo...
..hint. ) E pluribus Unum
..pt 2. ) ..any unbelief or doubt of this Position
..is obliterated upon close inspection of the
Apotheosis of Washington, Capitol Rotunda.

Part 3. Original name of Washington DC; Rome, Maryland..[ . mirror city of Roma, Italy.
Just to connect one dot...to said Position
The "Washington monument" ..is actually a
Representation of 1 of the 14 missing pieces
Of Osiris/ Nimrod..[ . having been brutally knifed to death ] ..use science to determine which piece...wink
It's the p*nis. Three satanic structures slated for demolition: This one, and the other obelisk 's in the Vatican and City of London.....
Frankly, I haven't got the slightest idea of what you wrote. For starters, the punctuation is horrible.
Embedded image from another site
rio 2 blu and jewel
on the down side, the farce b i is filing an appeal in the 11th circuit court.

it's okay to trash and invade any one the fuhrer's regime decides they want. it's NOT okay to have and exercise any rights when they do this.

now any one and every one they violate, is guilty and have to be proven innocent of what ever they fabricate next.

the very same people that brought us the russian hoax, 2 sham impeachments, and the extremely, partisan, jan. 6th committee.

we don't need china or n. korea, or even vietnam. communism is alive and gaining ground right here in the u.s.
Delay, delay, delay seems to be the strategy from the Trump team. Cannon is a political hack with little experience. Dearie on the other hand is an experienced judge that both sides agreed to.

"Judge Dearie is a judge who, though unfailingly fair, would never tolerate the kinds of arguments that Trump's lawyers tend to put forward." thumbs up
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