Will the sun eventually set on the British empire...

I scanned a few stories tonight that discuss some changes now that Queen Elizabeth has passed and the possibility of some Commonwealths breaking ties with the crown.

Will the sun eventually set on the British empire?
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So far 56 % opt for leaving but Trudeau tells it is much too difficult.
He arrived in London today with his entourage.
The Empire has long long gone, the partition was surely the last vestiges. Countries may well relinquish the queen as head of state but that does not spell death of the Commonwealth. There are in fact only 14 countries including Australia and Canada remaining constitutional monarchies while 40 odd are republics or have their own monarchy. Australia and Canada may also become republics in the not too distant future.
Yes - and no.

The British empire is long gone. The last few countries that have the British monarch as head of state won't for much longer - but they will stay with the Commonwealth, as every other new republic has done. Prince Charles represented the queen as a guest of honour to celebrate with Barbados, the most recent to become a republic. .

When QE2 took the throne there were 8 countries in the Commonwealth. She made no secret, ever, of the fact that a huge part of her efforts and time were quietly devoted to it. When she died there were 56. The Commonwealth has 2.5 billion members. It's certainly not an empire, it is friendly countries interacting and meeting regularly and sharing the advantages of being linked - through the monarchy. The sun won't be setting on the Commonwealth any time soon.

As lifetime achievement awards go, not bad.

War does not end with the ceasefire.

Neither does cruelty, abuse, oppression, torture.

Intergenerational trauma, whether recipient, or perpetrator, is passed on genetically and behaviourally.

The empire is not long gone. There was just a cessation of one kind of fire.
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