To dream or not to dream...

I dream in color and most of my dreams are realistic. Normal stuff. I've jammed with other musicians, had conversations with friends and family. Discussed things about work. A few times I know what my day would be like because my dream the night before gave me a clue. Not a premonition, but enough sequence that I 'got the gist' something was coming up.

Years ago, I worked for a company and decided to leave because it was extremely hectic and I felt like I wasn't getting support from management... I waited for them to hire a replacement before leaving and a few months after, I was told the replacement wasn't working out and to PLEASE come back!
I did and the night before my fist day back I had a dream of meeting a blonde haired woman wearing a blue business suit. It was in a corporate environment and she was basically complaining to me about work that wasn't finished.
100% accurate. I was sent to meet a designer they started doing work for shortly after I left and she was very busy meaning it was potentially lots of work for us. So, I had to go to salvage the account.

Two days ago, I was dreaming I had the refrigerator door open and I was looking around. I do that often, open the door (letting cold air out) and stare for a few minutes... strange, but not a big deal for a dream. In the dream, I saw a package of English Muffins. I've been avoiding bread products to lose weight and thought "How did they get here?"
The first thing I checked when I got up was to see if English Muffins were in the refrigerator. Nothing!
Yeah, I've got some in there now!!
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There must be a thin line between your dreams and your reality!! Eat the muffins and then go back to dreaming you've lost weight - who will care? laugh
Not quite Led Zepp but I only recently discovered him... You can say it's crap and I'll take no offence! (I like him though!) laugh

I dream dreadful dreams in which I die in colour in gore in black and white; sometimes I dream of some loathsome undoable task at my ex place of work, or of an unattainable deadline - but at some point a voice speaks to me in the the dream saying 'just a dream, don't worry!'. Ex-wives never appear in my dreams thank goodness!
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