King Charles gets peevish.

Heard mention of him acting poorly on a couple occasions. Gee...I wonder why!doh Could it be that he just lost his mum? That he just got thrust into a job he never wanted. That at 73 he is forced to parade behind her coffin in full dress. That he has to stand for 20 minutes in front of her coffin while people gawp at it all?
That he has little chance to cry or mourn without being on view. That he has to console strangers who act like he is duty bound to entertain the mass of people making the scene?
It seems to me when a important note worthy person dies, people forget those closest to him or her are the real sufferers and mourners.
So son, rant and rave all you want. You have the right.sad flower
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Spot on. The sooner 'the world is watching' funeral is over, the better for him. thumbs up
At least he's an adult, which was not the case for William and Harry after Diana died.
I'd have to say probably does and probably not, Orzz. I think he does want to be king we just like to pretend otherwise to feel less like a serf, we pretend they're doing us a favour so we can look ourselves in the eye. And as for Charles not being regal it's because he's not regal. I don't think there'll ever be a time that he is regal and maybe even the serfs will have too much self-respect for King Charles.
The best thing to do is abdicate and make way for his son. It was a King Charles that made Britain a republic until his son came along to rescue the monarchy(in limits).
I know protocol and duty and all....but give him a break. He is 73 years old, not a child. Being a year less of his age, I no longer am up to walking and walking on sidewalks, pavement or anywhere for protracted time or distance. I just feel sorry for him having to march, walk and stand in one place. Even a soldier at the coffin fainted and I doubt he was an old man.
I believe Charles is conflicted. He was groomed to be King and then it seemed his mum would live forever, til he went on making his own life. He wanted to be King until it ceased to matter. Now as an old man, he is. He would have appreciated it more when younger, not as a crotchety old man.
Just a brief side note -

Show of hands of those who've Lived during the reign of three British Monarchs ...

Congratulate y'all's selves! - cheers
You're in a Minority of only 'bout 10% of the world's population.

Charlie has always been a stuck up arrogant prick
anyone in their eighties!
George,Elizabeth and now Charles!
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