It's the International Day of PEACE today...whoopee.

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"Wednesday 21st September 2022 (i.e. tomorrow) is the International day of Peace on this planet. The actual purpose of universal peace day is to foster acceptance by engaging all the people. It asks them to show their commitment towards peace by remaining non-violent. This day is an ambition to remove all the differences amongst each other and build a culture of peace everywhere." (

Currently, "terrorism, hatred, violence and armed conflicts are the elements that have put drastic damage to the peace and economy of the world", and I wonder if their 'leaders' would put aside their differences, for peace sake, on that day. And even if they do, what's to stop them from resuming the violence on Thursday 23rd?

Does it really make sense to have a 'day' of peace? Perhaps a month or a year would be a better way of offering those who are involved in 'war' some more time for reflection, negotiation, etc, whilst observing a longer period of 'peace'. That would certainly be a welcome respite for those who aren't involved but are empathetic, and especially for those who are suffering directly because of it.

A 'day' of peace just isn't enough.professor scold sad flower
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Incidentally, it is Independence Day down here. We commemorate finally winning our independence from our beloved British masters. Sadly, that happened after the island was essentially demolished during ww2 by the Germans and the Italian - thanks to them. We, being a rather insignificant island, had no beef with nobody.
"We, being a rather insignificant island, had no beef with nobody."

Isn't that the case with most 'colonies', usually? They call the demolition "collateral damage", I believe.roll eyes
Activities for the General Public:
-Hold a moment (probably a minute or more) of silence and pray for the peace of the world.
-Pray for the people who lost their lives in the wars and conflicts and place flowers at war memorials.
-Make posters indicating peace gestures and hang them in public places.
-Arrange a peaceful awareness walk or a march to express the need for peace.
-Watch antiwar films and videos that promote peace.
-Post videos of your peace Day activities on your social media timelines and make peace a top trend.
-Hold an exhibition for a peace celebration and show some art quotes that may energize your community.
-Give charity to the people financially affected by wars, violence or other conflicts.
-Boycott and report the websites that contain violent or harsh content.

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I don't know about international peace today when in my book peace involves a simple question. What if I'm the baddy? The western allies, the Nazis, the Soviets, the Japs - none of these people thought that they were the baddies, particularly the latter three who were even more sure that they were good than we were.
And I'd take from Jesus the idea that you obey but do not worship authority. It would be a kindlier world if we perceive judges, cops, soldiers, kings, queen and with the same love we have of the taxman. These Christkillers are treated not as Christkillers, that would be destructive, but at the same time they are not the be all and end all. Seeing all of them like you see the taxman would make for a better world.
Good point CC, but 'war' is still war regardless of which side believes that it's justified. Not so?
Peace Will Come - Russian singer Diana Gurtskaya ...
The sunglasses aren't a.prop - She's been blind from birth.

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