Hurricane Ian is going to WHACK Florida...

I've been watching this storm shortly after Hurricane Fiona formed. The early predictions and trajectory from the National Hurricane Center all appear to be correct.
Tropical storm Ian will pass to the East of Jamaica on Sunday, cross over the Cayman Islands early Monday as it intensifies to Hurricane strength, strike the Eastern coast of Cuba, strengthen when it reaches the Gulf of Mexico, then hit the West coast of Florida centered around the Tampa area Wednesday.

Florida's sun coast residents, you've got plenty of warning... prepare and don't panic. I've heard reports of long gas lines already.

Governor Ron DeSantis has declared a state of emergency in several counties in preparation of the upcoming storm.

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DAMMIT. I logged into CS for the news. Guess I'm going to have to find the weather channel. If it hits Tampa I'm riding it out with my bro at his place. Mine will probably flood from the creek.

Hurricanes are coming later and later, sadly we are do for a bad one.
Good luck to all those affected. purple heart
Fay, good news for you... the storm is moving more to the north and will probably hit the panhandle.
The morning update continues to show Ian crossing Cuba on Tuesday but moving farther west into the Gulf.
Good news for me indeed. My neighbor not so much she put so much stuff in my sheds and now has to take it all back out. It still can turn on a dime.
Don't unload the shed.
12 hours has made a significant difference.
What was forecast to miss Tampa and hit near the panhandle has changed.
Now, the 5am report has the storm curving east again.

Wednesday night, Thursday morning... TAMPA with winds over 110 miles per hour.
I'm starting to take this a little more serious - I pulled out my over night bag and started packing the dogs stuff. Trying to eat the most expensive cuts of meat in my freezer for when we lose electricy which I expect even if it isn't a direct hit. Thanks for the updates, I'm now paying attention to a weather channel.

crap crap crap
On Friday, DeSantis expanded the state of emergency to include the entire state of Florida.
The 2pm advisory didn't change much. Ian will travel through Florida, pass into Georgia and dissipate.
Tuesday morning update: Ian crossed over the Western point of Cuba as a category 3 hurricane and will strengthen to a category 4 storm in the Gulf of Mexico.
Here's a screen capture of the latest radar this morning. Rain bands are extending outward hundreds of miles.

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Still dry and hot Tuesday afternoon but my car is packed and I'm not sure if I should leave tonight or in the morning.

It saw a cute moment this morning when I had the suitcase on my bed, I turned around to see my new little dog rescue, Bambi, had gotten in it & packed herself.
A few hundred thousand will evacuate the area. Chances are, it will be difficult getting a hotel.
If you plan to drive to the East coast, Vero Beach or Fort Pierce would be a likely choice.
120mph winds, the 5pm advisory shows Ian will land enter near Fort Myers, about 100 miles South of this mornings forecast. Tropical storm warnings are across the state and as far East as the Bahamas.
A short clip of Ian tearing through Cuba.

Intensified almost to a Cat 5 this morning.

Current forecast is for the eye to come in around Boca Grande....

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It is going to be a rough day here..for sure.....
Several tornadoes touched down here last night I was driving around the community inspecting the damage. It cut open a few apartments, flipped a few cars and some people went to the hospital.
Best of luck to all in the area - keep one another safe and listen out for emergency service broadcasts
Thanks... thumbs up
Watching it on our news here ....

G'luck to you guys buckling down thumbs up
Fay & Glw please be very very careful

I flick on CNN when home from work for updates..The devastation is bloody heart breaking

I want all members who are going through all this to stay very very safe

I don't know how you all cope with these things

I wouldn't live in a place that were known for such things for all the money in the world
I was one of the very fortunate ones in this storm. The vast majority of my county are without power. My lights flickered a few times, but I never lost power. I had about 2 hours of sustained winds of 85 mph, with gusts to a little over 100. The only damage, is one of my palm trees went down in my back yard.

I think the worse damage will be in North Port. The eye went through there, and they got both sides of the storm. The news this morning, said that most of the roads are under water and impassable, due to trees blocking the roadways.

Ian’s eye was as big as the entire size of Charley..a hurricane that this storm’s path followed in many ways...
Woa...noaa... seems like [ .?
..the worst of them R himacaine s...with a 20 min.
Lag time before major media politicize it...
I went to my bros - lost power but I'm home now and all my family have power in Tampa except my son in Orlando is still without power. We dodged a bullet in Tampa. The news was off target again. Sad for the south. It isn't even raining today and the media said we would downpour through Friday.
Windy and dry on the East coast...
Very glad to hear you're all well and unscathed. applause
Mercedes... Hurricane Fiona traveled all the way up the Atlantic Ocean and cut into Canada.
It's not over... Ian quickly downgraded when it went through Florida and now in the Atlantic waters, it strengthened and will hit South Carolina tonight.
I'm so relieved the ladies are okay..Now this monster has gone back to a category one

He's going to cause havoc elsewhere..I cried when I saw the devastation

I'm lost for words
This storm was so large the outer bands of rain were a few hundred miles East, reaching across the state. On Tuesday night, Ian was turning on the West coast, but we were getting reports of tornadoes in my area on the East coast 300 miles away. Strong winds and rain around 9pm and the weather service issued tornadoes spotted in my county. I didn't hear any lightening just swirling winds. At 10, a friend texted asking if I was okay as a tornado touched down in my community.

Within walking distance from me, more than 20 condo apartments were severely damaged. Roofs torn off, 50 year old trees uprooted. Several cars were flipped in the roadway, some pushed into each other and up on front gardens.

Some of that tornado damage within a few acres, we sustained was more than the actual path of the storm 300 miles to the West.
Police had the community closed off, no guests and I.D. required to get inside. In the morning, I tried to get close on foot for photos, but security was around the damaged units and not allowing access.

A few balconies cut open and cars pushed around the street.

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I have friends in three provinces who survived Fiona. Two of them had their homes completely destroyed. One couple live in Les Iles de la Madeleine in the Gulf of St. Lawrence; the other couple live in Newfoundland. The other friends in Prince Edward Island feel blessed to have only had trees crush their vehicles. A crushing week for devastating storms.
I saw an article this morning about a possibility of insurance companies without enough funding process claims. It's bad having loss, it's worse if your insurance cannot cover it.

I-75 was closed in southern Sarasota on Friday night...due to intensive flooding.

Some homes in North Port have water up to their roofs.

Good news is finally subsiding..and, we have had cooler weather for those without electricity.
I read some news about those houses that were destroyed by flood and many won't have enough insurance coverage to rebuild. It's a total loss. Yeah, very sad...
I do not have cable...I watched ABC Action Weather on you tube live for information on the hurricane. The live chat comments were absolutely hateful...wishing we would all die...because of our Republican governor. I had to hide the comments...It is a sad country we live in..without empathy for fellow human beings...who many, were about to lose not only their homes, some their livelihoods, and some their loved ones....

Toxic a time that many were buckled down in their homes, not sure of what the hours would bring.

Sad, that we as a nation have lost the ability to come together in a time of need.
The state has had an insurance crisis before this storm...this will only make it worse.

I think many insurance companies will go bankrupt...and, many will not be able to pay the claims for the damage.

I heard on the news that less than 20 per cent of those with flood damage have flood insurance.

My heart goes out to those people.
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Quick Tropics Update:
1. Looks like we're in for some unsettled/squally weather on Wednesday and Thursday. Regardless of development, breezy/windy, rainy weather is expected on the West coast. IF this develops, a reasonable expectation is Tropical Depression or TS. Its name would be Nicole
2. We have followers all over the state, so we'll update all areas. If Nicole develops, it impacts the East coast with some squally weather, beach erosion, and heavy rains. NOTHING like we had with Ian.
3. For those new to tropical stuff, an East coast storm isn't nearly as much of an issue as a Gulf system. I'll never completely write off a storm, as the season runs through November, but the atmosphere is very different in November. There's MUCH more to the forecast than whether or not the water is 80 degrees.
4. Right now, I'd say rainy and breezy/gusty winds for most of the Bay Area midweek if the storm crosses the state. East coast, a minimal TS isn't out of the question. Models hint 997(ish) storm which is a low to mid-end Tropical Storm.
5. With Ian fresh on our minds, many of us are stressed over any storm. With the exception of SW Florida, most of the state actually needs rain. If we didn't have such a devastating storm recently, I suspect many would welcome this rain. Hopefully, impacts will be low on flooded areas, because I just don't expect the wind to be a major part of the equation with whatever forms. This is NOT something to stress over.
6. As always, we'll update 24/7 during storm season. It's what we do, and hopefully, you find the updates useful. Rule #7

Denis Phillips

Action 10 News Tampa
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