Edelweiss - CH I - The ALGORHYTHM [ XXXIX ]

Chapter I:

“Then, the blinded people who conceived the whole mechanisms of the new System, will understand what they have done, but will be already too late, as they will be subjected too, to the same tyranny as everyone else who is able to feel it present by now, as gradually new laws are coming, with new means of coercion or cunning determination to accept and follow the new System that is being introduced gradually, worldwide, in the attempt to inchain every single human being, reducing it to a number in a list with numbers.
One needs to understand that people were trained since their cradle to follow the new System that will set chains even to their mind, as they will have not only their bodies trapped in the technological grid, being connected like emitter-receptor, but also, annihilating their conscience, being tied to the network. People do not realize the level of evil that awaits them down the pipe, once they merge with machines, and the only one who would prove is not just a “conspiracy theory” as they decline under the concept of denial, through ignorance, would be the very Reality, or part of it, that they all will have to live it, once being connected. It is a well known fact that people who already were trapped by the System, even with presented truth in front of their eyes and ears, they shall decline it, as they aren’t able to distinguish anymore what is real and what is not real. Also, is a known fact that once they have imprinted the ways of the System inside their mind, deeper into what they call as subconscious level, they will even defend the acquired information substitute of knowledge – which is anyway, just erroneous all over – and refuse, decline, object, come against everything what defies their logic, or better said, what is supposed to work as logic, to them. Therefore, if they had imprinted into their mind that the sky is yellow, that would be the color they would say it is, although the sky is far of yellow. It is the same with the imprinted idea over the generations that sky is blue, all, from child to elders, would say it is blue, regardless of any explanation that it is just an optical illusion, which appears to resemble blue color. Likewise, as actually black and white are no colors, as none is found in a spectrum of light, but a contrast of light and shade, very few among them, would admit, or even realize that there is no such color existent, no matter how many arguments one brings to the table. Mixing black and white in pigments would turn gray, although gray, as color, is a mixture of complementary colors. This way is with the world too, becomes almost pointless to explain what is real and what is far from real – false – when the ideas were imprinted deeper in the mind of people, - harmful ideas, which they do not even realize, but even more, they are rejecting everything that doesn’t align to their patterns – patterns already imprinted so that they follow; they are subjected to mass manipulation and control, since they are little ones, which means that over the years these ideas that were inserted into their minds and hearts, are deeply rooted, and of course, they are defending their already-formed perception over what they think is real, although Reality is far different of what they consider. It is even harder to tell people the truth, especially because one can become an enemy in an instance; they have become the protectors of their own lies and illusions in which they dwell until the point of no return, such process being reversible only through a shock wave, given by the only one who is able to cure illusions or deceit: Reality.“

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- Shall be continued…

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