The conflict between Israel and Palestine will never be resolved until the land taken from Palestine is returned.
Governments that argue in support of Palestine are automatically branded as being guilty of anti Semitism, which makes it difficult to achieve any breakthrough in the situation.
Israel is the only country that has power to bring peace to the area. There is no sign that they ever will.

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The history of that land is long, complex & bloody in the extreme.
Watch to the 3 minute mark to discover who REALLY holds title to the Land ...
sad flower
See comments on the presentation for the identities of the Long list of Claimants.


interestingly enough, isael is expected to change but not so-called palestine. they keep supporting and allowing terrorist factions to attack israel.

any one talk to the israeli citizens FROM palestine? or any of the citizens of israel that are of arabic descent? even the israeli military has a mix.

any one talk to them as to why they help defend israel?

all three are working to help women gain more rights in israel.

what positive changes is palestine making to show they're not gonna attack or support attacks on israel?

how much money do the palistinian elites make for playing the victim while they support terrorism and attacks?

here's another good one. look at the civilian travel recommendations of each.
Whatever the history, whatever the bible says, whatever the political advantages gained by having a friendly nation in the middle east, and no matter how foreign and incompetible Palestinian ideology is with ours, no one can in good conscience condone what the Palestinians are being subjected to in 2022. And now I hope I won't find the mossad at my door.

kidnappings happen just about any where. some areas are higher risk than others.

harder to track palestine. it doesn't seem to be recognized as a country. when i looked last before, i had to do direct searches. many charts don't include palestine if any. still have to do a direct search now.

many will try lumping palestine and israel together. especially along borders and the gaza strip.

part of the reason for being aware of some of this is that myself and other family members have talked about visiting isael the next time travel outside of the u.s.

for me, it's more like if i ever travel outside of the u.s. again.
It's time Israel reached out and tried to understand the bitterness they have created with the Palestinians. Surely, such a god fearing race of people should wish to please their god and demonstrate goodwill and thoughtfulness to their neighbours. Is that too hard a task?
they have. negotiations always stall or some terrorist faction attacks from palestine. and palestine doesn't make any changes to stop supporting or even helping it.

as far as pleasing God, according to the torah, the land is granted to israel.

Many wars and crusades over that territory for ages. i've heard it said you can feel the spiritual power of the land.
honestly, i think there are certain other nearby countries and territories that don't want to see peace in any of those regions.

i also think there are people in certain governments, including the palestinians', that would also rather no real peace.
i think during certain presidential terms, the u.s. government might be one of those outside forces as well.
You could argue that Israel wishes to grab as much land as possible, just like Russia is with Ukraine. Russia say that it is their land, but Ukraine disagree. The Israelis have killed many innocent civilians including children with their indiscriminate attacks, and journalists. 64, I believe in one confrontation and 14 children.
I have lost sympathy for Israel. Originally they were happy to have a homeland CREATED for them out of lands occupied by others. Now they are greedy and want more and Putin. How would you feel if some group came and told you..get out of your house. It was ours centuries ago and we want it back. That is what is happening to the occupied area. I did see interviews with some people who were moving into the area. They said no one can stop us. We want it and will take it.
In a good world, if someone wants a home, they buy the land or buy the home. If the person refuses to sell or wants too much, you do not get the army to confiscate it for you. Mom said years ago, if she went back to Europe and said my ancestors once owned this land and I am taking it back..they would send for the men with white coats.
Yet Israel invades and takes and then wonders why people hit back?tongue mumbling frustrated
in malta we got jews and palestines and theyy dont fight here so whos to blame the ones that give them weapons
They probably don't fight each other in Malta, because the place is too small and no doubt everyone knows each other. One small bomb would destroy the place.
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