Artie the paid assassin...

Artie was a paid assassin for the mafia and one day a top crime boss asked for a favor. They were friends for many years and would always help 'da family' so he said "Whatcha need boss?"
The boss couldn't afford a divorce and he wanted Artie to arrange an accident for his wife. "Sure boss, but business is business and I have to get paid for the hit. My usual fee is $10,000 but since we've known each other 40 years, I'll do it for a buck... with the condition no guns."
The boss agreed, paid Arty and arranged a day he was out of town for the perfect alibi.

On the arranged night, Artie picked the lock on the back door and went upstairs where he found the boss's wife at the makeup vanity. She saw the reflection of him approaching in the mirror and started to scream. He quickly strangled her taking her to the floor. The upstairs maid heard the commotion and called to the butler who quickly called the police. Artie, grabbed the maid by the throat and in 2 seconds she was on the floor.
He starts down the main stairs where the butler is trying to block his exit. After a quick tussle, Artie strangles him too. He's running to his car at the corner as the police arrive and they arrest him.

While the police knew about the crime boss, they never had any hard evidence of this connections... until now. So, they pressured Artie for a confession of the three murders.

The news media often hang around police headquarters and caught the story that went into print for the morning headline:

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