Edelweiss - CH I - The ALGORHYTHM [ XL ]

Chapter I:

“New legislation will be gradually implemented so that in the new System, the obedient crowds to be numbered slaves, people that receiving the marks lost their freedom and all what ever knew as rights, belonging to the hand that feeds them – the new ruling state – exercising the power and authority provided through governance, for the New World Order which now in these times, rise to take its dominion. This process has started since decades ago, and such plan of conquering and ruling the world is being possible by using highly advanced technological means. For the common people, it is unconceivable, to find out about the real purpose of how the mechanism of the System is designed to enslave them, they have no absolute logical capacity of discernment by just asking a simple question: how that in about two millennia, since the zero border line drawn in history, and was no such thing as technology like they have now in modern times, how it is possible that the world to expand in development so much that all just bloomed in only one century?! Were no smart people back then? Were none, gifted, with intelligence capacity, to conceive, to create, to build? Ancient ones were not really capable of anything else, than the spinning wheel making pottery, or the wagon pulled by the donkey? They did not had any sciences, back then, except a poor knowledge, upon some of them studied now into the schools? They did not had any mind at all in creating the tallest buildings of iron and glass, as in these times? But when barely found someone here or there, among the crowds, to ask such simple, elementary questions, - when the ignorance of modern men and women triumphs from the tribunes with high speeches and elaborated words, calling as primitive, what the past presents to them, - when the pride and the vanity of the world boasting with its inventions, claims civilization and dreams of prosperous future in a golden age, - one could not even tell anything more, to anyone out there who can’t have at least a smallest dose of cognitive thinking to just admit that there is a good chance all be wrong and to say that noticed something is always missing, and that something is not as it seems in this complex world. Anyone who has the smallest amount of logical thinking and make use of its rationality would notice in an instance, even the tiniest misfit, and would dare to ask: how come that in two millennia and even farther in history, was not possible such development of technology as in the last century? Every single one who dares to ask such question, in its own mind, would be a step forward in admitting that which is obvious: that the history told from a generation to another, is nothing but lies and deceit, most of it, and that the ancients quote “nothing new under the sun” says more than a whole treatise of elaborated speeches about how to make the world better, how to improve it, how to take the mankind on the highest peaks of civilization, for all is nothing else than sold wonders and lies, brought to the stall in the markets within the cities, to charm the world, for everything is nothing else than a worldwide business of money laundry, gambled fortunes and lotteries, splitting conquests and treasures of the earth, to the entertainment of the elites theatre in which people being like pawns on a chessboard, on which territories divide, borders are drawn, among laws and edicts, - all and everything is a business of slaves, and the latest trades who make most profit of all being the time, of each one out there struggling to survive, selling or negotiating its body, its mind, its heart, its spirit, or its very soul, in the same commercial route of the ships of the imperial harbor. While bodies are sold for debts, souls are traded for free. “

[ … ]

- Shall be continued…

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