.r a n g e. } . . . 19.

..reading time stamps for the First day of 2nd grade.
..[ .from the preferred Strong Dictionary, 1890.® . ]

4101. Why ? *
3671...the edge | extremity.
0430. .who [ ? ! .) ..who knows why..) . standby..
.4101.*.note the R to L phonics, yod hay wa...
.3267...yaaz. ) . fierce.
0834...Asher [ 7....a.) . straight. .b.) .level...c.) G O.
.d.) who....e.) . which...f.) .what ..g.) where.

Just one of several reasons to learn Hebrew @ speed. It also satisfies the September directive;
" Get Ready to read words the fast Way."..
..who knows where time goes ? ) Fairport Conv.
.b.) ..this Was. ) .Tull.
C. ..how soon is Now ? ) . Smiths
2. Now.) .maxwell
1. .yhwh .} U 2 ..| .who was & is and is there.
..also ran. ) .who are the brain police ? - zappa
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For purpose of CONTROL...
..this is a rough sampler of current Free Edumacations Model...grades 2 thru 13...
.brain washed. ) G. Harrison
Noise made by people ) . ) . broadcast
C. .TV. set. ) .the Cramps
..2. machine gun Etiquette. ) .the Damned
1. . Mesmerized ) .$ystem of a Down
.a. r.) 3rd down 110 to go. ) Winchester.

S A G note. ) "You're looking @ 4th & Fifteen with
.a full Court Press. " - Lt. Frank Drebin, police Squad.
Second note, 2nd equation..
. satisfies the scholars Maxim.
The good question is half the answer.

Truth ) Washington
....eYe know they Lie. [ .5 Amerikans
. that's how heartache is made. ) Baby Washington.
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