Oh dear oh dear - Special master wants Trump to provide evidence...

And there I was thinking they were good buddies, like he is with Kim Jong Un. What's more his hand-picked Special Master says he'll finish by Oct 6 - too soon too soon when you plan on a long delay - amusing, isn't it!

ABC Australia's Planet America is back on the air - chuckles galore.
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It indeed blew up in his face. All we need is a wee conviction, and the ole fart won't be able to attempt to cease power by force again as he did in the past.
I don't know how that works. I would have thought that you'd undermine the law to the point where he could seize power by force successfully. The authorities don't realise how close to being hung from the nearest tree they are. They should realise given how bad things are, but they don't.
It works by having a Mike Pence with barely enough brains to realise what the wrinkled twit was up to.

I wouldn't be so sure that they're that close even though it may seem that way at times. Have a look at the masses trump was able to amass just by spouting absurdities and rubbish. Muammar, despite decades of oppression still had enough support to prevent the lynching to which he eventually succumbed. Foreign meddling is what condemned him. Putler. Clinging on to power like a barnacle. These kind of tyrants don't go down easy.
15 years of decline has already given men like Trump a hell of a lot of leeway and now we're looking at another crash in the global economy. The future is going to be more like Mad Max than the Hitchhikers guide to the universe. The problems are not going to be resolved with a pen.
The pen didn't save Weimar and Weimar had a more talented and legitimate state than we do. Anybody it hates will be absolutely beloved in due course.
We need to picture the western world as a gigantic Weimar but with one important difference. There isn't any worthy liberal democracy to come in and save it, the Weimar state is not Germany but the entire free world.
Like I say, absolutely the wrong time to believe in hitchhikers guide to the universe. I wouldn't prosecute Trump unless you were going to kill him at the end. As time goes on there's only going to be less and less respect for any conviction today's state makes. The only way out is for the failing state to avoid complete failure. You've got to win in real terms, not legal bureaucratic ones. There is no reason to respect the latter without the former.
And it reminds me of something Machiavelli said about not leaving people injured. You're better off getting on with someone or killing them. The west likes to leave people injured through a wee and dubious conviction. We like to make an unsafe conviction with a rather mild punishment at the end because we are very opaque and don't discern between the innocent and the guilty. But it is unwise to leave so many injured to have so many people marginalized. Instead of equal punishment for the innocent and the guilty we would be better off with fewer, better convictions.
We would better off tough but fair over today's soft but unfair.
@chesney and the relevance to DT and the documents? Machiavelli and Weimar republic? Verbal diarrhoea day is it? Stick to the point at least a little, or stay out of it altogether.
I kinda love it when fargo goes mad on someone like this (as long as it's not bob). laugh
Cannon nixed several aspects of the plan proposed by senior Judge Raymond Dearie, who was put forward by Trump for the third-party review, that would have required the former President to make uncomfortable assertions in court, including whether he actually believes the FBI planted evidence at Mar-a-Lago, as he has suggested in public statements.

From CNN

Another case of , we got Trump now, and now you don’t comfort
So what you are saying is, Trump's claim(s) the FBI planted evidence would require proof in court and his attorneys knew it was BS, so they aren't pursuing it?
A singular feature of Trump's many ambit claims is they never see the light of day when it comes to evidence. These days that is a given in Trump speech - he is a balloon blower
If everything is above board with the fbi , why did they object to having a special master ?
Unnecessary delays. It was illegal for him to have those documents in his possession. What more needs to be discussed?
Interesting, unnecessary delays bad, but in Hunter Biden case there is no rush , two tiered justice confused

Nobody trusts FBI anymore, might as well had Joe Biden himself go down there, except he would probably get confused and come out of Melania’s closet wearing her hat dancing
Always a distraction Ray... you left out Hillary's 30,000 emails.
Don’t distract from fbi corruption dunno
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