Edelweiss - CH I - The ALGORHYTHM [ XLI ]

Chapter I:

“Yet, people demand Justice being done, for others deeds, not theirs, claiming they are righteous without even take a better look into the mirror to see that actually they are part of the problem too, for they are part of the same society which trains people since cradle to desert their humanity, to give up their rights willingly or coerced, to renounce at their very freedom.Freedom, therefore, it is a word looking so nice in a dictionary, as well as the interpretation of one or another in real time events; hence Reality shows all it’s a massive fraud, most of people have no actual idea what true Freedom looks like – with a reference to the civilized ones of the modern world, surrounded by their fortress walls of the tall buildings across the cities, or sinking their eyes into the black mirrors held in hand daily like a bestfriend; the more freedom seems to have those living in isolated areas, where there is no technology involved, and where the simple way of life shows happy children enjoying their childhood, apart of the modern society who would call them primitives in an instant; but what is the difference between a 9 years old little girl who in order to survive, has to mold clay with her sweet hands, for making the bricks landing on the ignorant who does not know any value at all, and a little girl around the same age, committing suicide because failed the class, the only remedy to be found for her condition being drown in a lake?– what is the difference between a 4 years old little boy who has to carry sand in a bowl over his head, in order to buy a cup of barley, to survive the day ahead, and the one around same age, claiming a different gender and allowing the adults chopping its body for the transgender agenda stuck in their pathetic minds robbed by pleasure and lust?– what is the difference between a little girl of only 6 years old, picking up plastic pets for few cents per day, accompanied by a doll with no legs and called bestfriend, and the other one nicely dressed with most expensive clothes and lots of toys who could never take away the pain of being molested by its relative?– what is the difference between a boy of 5 years old who has to search in the garbage bin what the consumers throwing daily, wasting food day by day with no eyes for the poorest ones who have nothing to eat, but ready to bargain to the knives for the best offers to get, and a boy around the same age eating chips while watching porn over the internet, being trapped into a world of lust who will eventually annihilate its being, and mark him for life?– what is the difference between a little girl around 7 years old, who knows humility more than an adult, and can give lessons to the wise elders, how to polish anyone’s shoes, regardless of look, clothes, rank, status, or title, staying there near a wall in the market, and even smiling thinking she earns her living, and a little one around same age, handcuffed by police, because of killing her grandmother with countless stabs of blades, in a retribution for not being able to go outside to play? I am the questioner, asking the simple questions to which people around me really do not have answers to give –as proper answers involve Simplicity, from which they were deprived, involves Freedom from which they were robbed, involves Love, which they have distorted in all the possible ways. So I ask, so simple:what is the difference between the spoiled child and the one who is contended with even lesser than one expects?– what is the difference between the pampered child and the one who lacks any touch of parents hands?– what is the difference between the alienated child and the one who shapes the world with a single tear?– what is the difference between the domesticated child and the one living in wilderness?“
[ … ]
- Shall be continued…
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