Falling into fall.

Do the leaves dying and falling and the temp of 56 mean summer is over. WAH! I hate winter. Have to bite the bullet and decide what outside needs 70. Fix it, paint it, cement it, move it.blues I got in the mood and re-painted the tru-fire on my drivers truck door. But, still want to paint the rims from a change over and add the wide white walls to the different tires. That needs 70s.
Tenant told me he took a walk out in the corn fields with dog and his tom cat. And they got surrounded by coyotes. Now, how much of surrounded do I believe.dunno roll eyes Anyway he got spooked and hied back to the house. I think we need hunters to reduce the pack big time. I have cats that disappear and wonder if that is what happens to them.
Also he told me the bee hive a the next farm is gone because a bear tore it up last fall. That is getting too close. I lock the barn every night, but bears seem to not be deterred by much. When I locked the barn last eve, noticed the live trap was shut.dunno Ok, which cat or chicken. Nope. A possum was curled up sleeping. WT? I hadn't even put bait in yet!rolling on the floor laughing Talk about a dumb possum. Gee..here is a cage thing with human scent. Think I should walk into it and see what is going on. Now he is a dumb, dumb, dead possum. I will reset the trap. Do I need to bother with bait?
I went outside when it hit 60 yesterday and sun out. Moved some plants and decided, enough with this huge planter of spider plants I haul in and out. Half died. So re-potted to smaller and that one can be annuals next year. Decided to mix up mortar to work on an urn I am making. Just started and...what engine is my tenant below running anyway. Sounds like race car. Then instead of rumble, heard individual..OH..it is thunder.confused Not supposed to rain! Look over and getting dark. Darker. Wind, hail? Acorns? Me thinks maybe...HOUSE! Not a good idea to be under a car canopy and trees. Brought the bowl of mortar in and worked on a sculpture inside. Storm went fast and back out to use it up on urn.
Moved some plants into the loggia. They may as well get used to no sun. Like me.
Need to go down the dog trot and pull billboard tarps back over from wind this summer. But waited til boarder and I got the walnut tree and hackberry cut off. AGAIN. He said did walnut TWO years ago. I though they grow slow! This was back up to 4 inch trunk. Next spring> Roundup!
I wonder what winterizing is in other states?
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