DART... Demonstration for Autonomous Rendezvous Technology

LIVE broadcast of the DART spacecraft that attempts to redirect an asteroid.

Quote from a Yahoo! news report:
NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) spacecraft is set to crash into the asteroid Dimorphos, to change its path and test planetary defenses in the event an asteroid were on a collision course with Earth.
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Prior to this we needed Bruce Willis in Armageddon to save Earth from Asteroids.
Now, we have the technology to send out unmanned craft to do the work!
Tonight at 7:15pm the DART spacecraft intentionally crashed with the Asteroid Dimorphos to test if the kinetic energy is enough to deflect any future asteroids from impacting with Earth.
Yes, it apparently was successful - although I did ot get into the details of how and why etc. If that's the case, then this is yet another great technological achievement by NASA. I'm delighted.
If you're impatient like me go to 1 hr 15 minutes.
I had about 5 experiences like that with asphalt, but I never managed to deflect the earth, I gave up trying.
I'm glad they converted the live broadcast into a complete video.

Yeah, about one hour and 15 minutes is where the action begins.
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