Edelweiss - CH I - The ALGORHYTHM [ XLII ]

Chapter I:

“For the vanity of this modern society, little children of this generation are condemned to slavery taken to highest levels of insanity and evil.This modern world, so-called as civilized one, is nothing more than a fraud.A fraud in which the people adorn to their lies and illusions,a fraud in which people comply to lawlessness binding each other in chains, regardless of social classes or divisions, a fraud in which people worship their own lies being dragged in a maze of Deceit.This world in which the voices from the tribunes rise to be heard, is not just as most as paradoxical as it can be,confronted with Reality, but it is in antagonism to everything what means Human Being.Starting from the common man who loses its time of this life on a waste, and finishing with the higher and higher in hierarchy, is nothing else seen, than opposition to what is righteousness, and thus, no wonder how Lawlessness prevails. It is not shocking, for one as me, to speak of all these as they have been known to me, brought in my attention along the years of my life; it actually doesn’t shock me anything, of this world, and if I speak about them, is not out of anger, nor revenge, nor anything else than feeling pity.I pity even the cruelest among tyrants, as well as those trying to attain such ranks, distinguishable among the elites classes.I pity even those who assume they are the richest ones, although they have no idea what that richness actually is.I pity the rich and the famous, for I know their vaingloriousness too well.I pity all the called leaders of the world, poor children who have lost their way, playing like kings, with scepters of dominion in their hands.I pity all who belong to all social classes and levels, regardless of their deeds which contribute to spreading evil in this world to unimaginable levels which finally will affect them all.I pity all the criminals of this world, for they have not known anything else, than what this world taught them to be.I pity all the brutes, the monsters, the savages, for they are the products of this society who departed from God long ago, as none of their deeds nor the faith, is to be found truly, but only a façade, only a theatre dragging the crowds to wandering using God as shield for the crimes.I pity all the rapists and all who are being turned against their nature changing themselves through mutilation, or just being trapped in all shapes of lust and pleasure, all the prostitutes and everything what is called abomination being nothing than the outcomes of a society in which all and everything gets perverted along, sin being ranked to be worshipped as much as people wanting be as gods, for I know all this evil sheltered into their hearts.I pity all the thieves and robbers, for they have not known any law except what society dictated them to follow, this society which asks for justice, while Justice is already being done, as they reap the fruits of their own deeds.I pity all the liars and deceivers of this world, knowing the wickedness of their hearts, as they are trapped in the same maze of Deceit, so like most of the people of this world, regardless of their inclinations of heart and mind, they all are just wanderers, seeking something in vain that they don’t understand.All I have mentioned by now, are worthy of pity and be grieved whilst alive.For they have no idea, what awaits them, in this life, and even after. And whom I may be, apart of all these, among all? I am one from the crowd.One among the crowd.One who admits its sins, and understand, in its times of awakening, what Reality truly is.The little I comprehend, it is enough, to survive.But yet, I do wonder, myself:will I fall, in such unseen war, and finally to perish, or redeemed, in the end, and be relieved?Would I still be able to help one of another, for the sake of all what is Human Being, - ? – or to count myself, already, among the tyrants?!"

- Shall be continued

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