Calling all Insomniacs (myself included, lol!)...

UK Residents Can Win a Good Night’s Sleep in World’s First BnB to Offer Actual Sheep-Counting
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Located near a hillside in dreamy rural Sussex, in a field full of the fluffy farm animals, a “sleep dome” is offering the chance to dose off counting real sheep. The small glamping outfit created by a sleep technology company will host two guests and feature a luxurious double-bed with views of idyllic surroundings from all angles.

After dinner and settling in for the night, guests will be encouraged to count the numbered sheep as they walk about their paddock before gently drifting off into a blissful slumber beneath the stars. Daylight will herald a guided yoga session and a breakfast full of locally-sourced food.

The ‘Shleep Sanctuary’ was created by sleep tech company Emma Sleep, and they have launched a contest offering two people the chance to try it when it opens in summer 2023. “The power of a good night’s sleep can’t be underestimated and it’s clear the nation needs it now more than ever,” remarked Dr. Dennis Schmoltzi, CEO at Emma Sleep.

More than a fifth (21%) of those polled have struggled to sleep due to worries over the cost-of-living crisis, while 23% have been kept up fretting about work.

That's definitely something worth trying!!! wine gnite sleep
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Problem is, when people sleep, sheep sleep. So, if you suffer from insomnia, there won't be any sheep to count. They'd all have fallin asleep all the ready unless they too suffer from insomnia.
That's a novel idea.
But for the practical minded here's a useful link.

In summary, consciously breath in a regular and easy manner, possibly half lung capacity.

Keep repeating a simple mantra.

Example if you choose words:
"Ten green bananas.".......repeat over and over.

1,2,3,4,3,2.......repeat over and over in a loop.

If your mind wanders then stress the mantra for a few times as if you're shouting it in your mind.

Result: sleep

Thanks Merlot, sounds very practical (but like 'work')giggle
You're welcome, and you gave the same answer everybody does, so I'm guessing that many people don’t appear to have real sleep problems.
Happy dreams.sleep
If you really fancy flying over from Trinidad and Tobago to spend a few nights on the South Downs then here's a link you can open to enter their competition.

For a chance to win a stay at the ‘Shleep Sanctuary’ with a guest of your choice register your interest at

I know where I'd rather be.grin

laugh Thanks TM, but you know the competition's only for UK citizens/residents, so that's a no-go for me. I just love the idea of it, and would definitely have entered if I was there.grin
I'll do a swop with you as I love your islands and have been to Pitch lake . Lovely little souvenir huts on the way up. I loved it.

Insomnia Cure - COFFEE!

Yes ... REALLY!!

Determine when one wants to go to sleep -
The appropriate number of hours Prior to that (may vary among individuals) guzzle Lots of coffee ... banana

When one hits the wall & experiences the inevitable crash -
One WILL Sleep ... sleep


Drop a couple of ecstasy pills 24 hours in advance you'll go out like a light.
Nice!banana Glad you enjoyed your visit, but I don't thing that the UK co. will aloow "swops". laugh
Correction: allow, not aloow.grin
To be sure the sleep will be welcome after that ritualgrin Mic, but it's the "crash" that I don't want.blues
OMG, knowing me. I'll probably be "out" quickly and for a much longer time that I should be. Besides, that isn't such a healthy alternative. Btw, is this YOUR way of doing it?
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