Secure from Hurricane Ian?

Yesterday night, my God mother who is a Florida resident, was experiencing the fears/concerns of most (if not all) others over Hurricane Ian. The anticipation of real damage, and even death, was palpable, but she was hopeful that things would be over by morning. All that I could do for her was to hope and pray, which I did.

Earlier this morning, I called (on Whatsapp). She/someone answered, but almost immediately there was a loss of audio and no communication could be had. I hung up and immediately felt wary, but still hoping and praying that she was ok. About 2 hours later I received a text message from her proclaiming "GM Thank God I had no damage all is well Thank you for your prayers". You could imagine my relief!

Was she lucky? No, she was blessed with yet another opportunity to continue in the land of the living and to sing God's praises for His protecting her (and many others), from yet another hurricane.

I pray that even though the hurricane has "whacked" Florida, there was no loss of life.sad flower
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I'm those two hrs waiting for contact from her, must of dragged moping

But happy days and long live God mother Di easter bonnet wave
wave they sure did CW.
But then again, if she had died she'd have gone to heaven. Isn't that where we all yearn to go? That said, I'm happy for you and her that she did not.
You do have a point JM, but that obviously wasn't God's plan for her.
Tell me, what's God's plan for me? To have me curse my way to hell for eternity.

ok ok.. an unwarranted outburst there. I apologise. uh oh
God didn't save or try to murder anyone because god doesn't intervene. Certainly not directly only in terms of your emotional state, he works through people and has no hand in the weather. In this life we have each other and that's it.
Apology accepted, but wow where did that come from?hmmm
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