Edelweiss - CH I - The ALGORHYTHM [ XLIII ]

Chapter I:

“Yet, I am the questioner, so I must ask each of those asking justice: what do you know of Justice, truly, if you partake in crimes, if you contribute to lawlessness, if you deliver evil, if you spread lies and deceit? O, can’t you see?! It is all there, in front of your sight, awaiting recognition; could you take responsibility of what you speak, of what you do, through actions or reactions? If you sustain what’s against humanity, aren’t you the same accomplice in annihilation of mankind? How much of these, you want to know, truly? – for truth can not be told, must be realized. What do you see, when you look into the world, and call it lawlessness? Do you know the cause of it? – you only see the damage. But have you asked yourself, in one moment of your life, what’s the root of all you see so terrible? And could you even comprehend what is happening into this world, if you can’t see it in yourself?If in yourself, you can not look, to discover, how could you discover in another?If you can not acquire knowledge of yourself, how could you acquire it on the other? Know yourself, first of all and before all. Otherwise, you are like the one who standing near the water with a bucket, filling it and spilling it on the shore, and when asked what serves these, it says: I am counting the ocean.Yet, this is a double edged sword, to count an ocean.One could count an ocean of lies, for all fills the bucket in an endless dropping. While the other, counts in vain, knitting of its troubled mind. Were times in my life to be like the same one in the riddle, the world is like an ocean of glass, shining all the day and the night with its illusions, trapping you into a maze of Deceit, an endless maze from which only God can save you, if you get lost. And were times in which to count all my sins upon the ocean of knowledge, and then, I realized what truly means an absolute truth, uncomparable to the ones who people searching in vain like the one counting the ocean with the bucket. That is truly, Awakening, to count your own sins, and see yourself, where all goes. In rest, illusions of men, naming illumination, nirvana, higher conscience, or whatever inventions, in an endless wander. Can’t you see?! The same ideas, promoted into the world, all as one and one through all, lies and deceit. Here is the bucket, count the ocean of lies! These rotten ideas of men, to achieve higher states of consciousness, are the same drops of this ocean in which lies spin like waves, on and on, bringing the foam on the shore, while the world sinks in poverty and misery, - but go on, keep dreaming! – ideals and evolution, progress and devotion – all madness! Count it on! Those algae and medusas you see on the surface are like the same concepts of oneness, illusions invented along time by the stubborn minds of men, there is no such thing as you being a reflection of the other one, or you and others being the same consciousness experiencing yourselves, each in separation and for union of all, all be as one, all united as one – these are same lies and deceit, - madness and stupidity! Count it on! Those sparkles you see afar, among flowing of water, glittering each time when the sun hits the surface, resemble to the same ideas of men to be like gods, as along their history, people in their madness worshipped idols of stone and wood, then worshipped things that doesn’t even exist, then worshipped demons, and finally, worshipped themselves, even demanding being worshipped as gods, filling the earth with blood for their ambitions, and this sickness dating from ancient times, spread like a plague in this modern world, with all the tricks of gurus and so-called enlightened ones, all disciples of evil and promoters of obscurity, teachers of nothingness and highest among deceivers, - so, do you have any idea how many souls were lost?! Take the bucket, and count it on!"

[ … ]
- Shall be continued

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