You should be looking for a job... not love!

A high percentage of the woman who come to CS are looking for love. That's expected. A high percentage of them are unemployed. That's surprising. Maybe they should be looking for a job. Better... a job they love!

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Or better yet, look for a job you don't love then you might actually find one. Our countries can scarcely be classed as first world anymore the time has come to put necessity first after 40 years silliness and decadence which has exhausted all of our inheritance.
Income without work, Assets without work, are they not valid objectives? Doesn't that justify idle-time attendance here.

A hundred or so 'hello dear's
Cost no one a penny
But their expectation's low
Still one is born every minute
It just wasn't me.
You see!
Oh, c'mon FF. You could be a 'sugar daddy' to a 30 year old.
She'll rock your world and make you famous!
It's not often a coroner does an autopsy with a smiling corpse...

Hi Chat,

I wasn't aware that CS is a job placement site. When I joined, I was looking for love, thought this was a dating sitelaugh
I'll have you know @op that none have died with or without smile as a result of a night's debauchery with me - the world is safe never fear! In particular distant CS 30 year-old Barbies are very very safe from dieser alte Kaker. (Cannot remember German declensions!)
Chat this is where you are wrong. They all have jobs and being an entrepreneur as a side hustle.
They don't take risks that is why they use your money as START-UPS. rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
To some perhaps. Since COVID, things must have changed.
Maybe both male and female of the CS zoo should just work on being their best authentic self and let love find everyone where and who they should be. One can have a fancy executive job and still have an a**hole personality. Or one can be a lowly caregiver or on the govt. dole but, could be considered a compassionate understanding person with their imperfections.

The real issue why most everyone probably fails in finding anyone compatible is they don't even try to reach out or communicate effectively.

Just because people place a profile of the kind of person they think they are and put on their wishlist of the kind of person they might want to know or shag, if nobody communicates their needs or wants in a relationship beyond their profile they can't expect to find whatever they are seeking.

Finding a friend and finding a job requires the same amount effort. Only a job requires people to put up with it for 8 to 10 hours a day. A relationship if it has any value is pretty much like a 24/7 commitment.

You rarely get vacation days in a relationship so people need to find that personal space so that they can appreciate the times together.

You may get sick days at a job but, you don't always get sick days from a relationship unless you just grow tired of being in it. Or you know it's not working out.

People may take great pride in their independence and not feel obligated or tied or bound or have to answer to anyone yet, it's kind of a contradiction to want to be free of the responsibility of a relationship but, cry for someone to love them.

Overall, imo both boys and girls here if they are under 40 should focus on their career as much as their quest for a relationship. Those over 40 especially in their 60s or older should be ideally financially stable with a retirement plan.

If you are 60 and never amounted to anything and don't have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of, it's best to give up looking for anyone. No self respecting woman wants a loser who has nothing to offer her.

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