I know another Narcissist blog...but...

But, this has to do with a narcissist in a relationship. I found some of the examples I seen in a video recently...interesting.

What does a narcissist do while they are in a relationship?

They never apologize...or if they do, it is not a sincere one.
They will seemingly always try to belittle you. Sometimes they will say they were just joking around.
They will weaponize sex.
They will cheat on you...because they feel entitled to cheat, and when confronted, they will turn it around on you and say something like...you are seeing it wrong, or you are making more out of it then what it is.

The narcissist needs to feel superior to you and will do what it takes to maintain that status. They enjoy seeing you miserable because it gives them a sense of power over you. They will start out in a relationship as the dream mate...but months later, that is when their power trip kicks in.

I wonder how many people on here are narcissist? You know the ones...the ones that always know everything, they are never wrong, they never apologize, they always have to be one up on somebody...etc, etc..

They say when you are in a relationship with one....pay attention to your emotions. Your emotions on how your partner makes you feel are the indicator.

We all have narcissistic traits...but the question is...how dominant are they in our personality and behaviors.

Happy Friday all.

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I suspect there's a lot of narcissism here like elsewhere online because the internet is based on mass surveillance and superficial relationships with other people(which comes with a sense that whatever you do to punish/hurt/injure someone is justified). To sum up narcissism in a word it's "police" and it begins with mass surveillance and being suspicious of everyone you meet.
And we can't help it, can't avoid it. Look how I started that post "I suspect", we are playing into its hands when we even think about the subject of narcissism. It's a well-poisoner when we want to see you as a good thing.
Talking about it feels like a trap because it only enhances our own guardedness whilst in practice the difference is none. Not all but most social spaces are dominated by a narcissist anyway it's difficult to turn against the one(s) you admire oftentimes. Having a baby is a good antidote to narcissism because although you love the baby enormously you're a boss that suffers enormously. A parent can be vomited on by the baby and hold no anger towards the baby, the parent is seriously responsible and every instinct goes against abusing that position of power. Hard labour, responsibility and seeing something that weak, but not throwing it under the bus - these are the antidotes to narcissism.
Those kind of people I ignore or wean then off.
There are some that will tell how great there are in everything. They are rather annoying.

The saying goes: " self praise is no recommendation."

Now be GONE!!!!!!
Hello CC,

I get what you are saying and I think there is some merit to it. There seems like there are more and more narcissist today...being spawn from the mentality/idea/thoughts that one can do whatever they want. It can be assumed that by doing whatever one wants...they will be looking out for their best interest in the process of doing what they want. One's best interest can include the seeking of power...which is a leading driving force of narcissism.

Having a baby...okay. I think you point out a possible way of hindering or reducing the traits of narcissism by making people with those traits a parent. But what if the narcissist is not the care taker of the infant...and remains the narcissist.

I think education of such toxic behaviors can be the best antidote.

I had another side thought...what about the person that gets involved in a loving relationship...let's call it their first meaningful loving relationship and they do not know any better. The spend a large portion of their life with this toxic person, then eventually leaving the relationship with bitter thoughts on how ugly love can be.

Knowledge of toxic people could have saved many terrible years of their life spent with unworthy people...and the misconception of love would have never entered world.


Thanks for the comments CC. I think you might be right about narcissism being everywhere online.

Hello Friendship...

Thankfully you were smart enough to recognize the toxic behavior.

One more thing Friendship...

You didn't get caught up in the superficial aspect of them....the physical aspect of them.

A lot of people make the mistake of falling for the beauty of somebody....and not the whole package, which includes their mind.
Well, I've never weaponized sx, so I'm not a narcissist.
Add to that "Intermittent Explosive Disorder" and you have my ex to a T.

Reminds me of An improvised explosive device (IED).
I refuse to date a man who makes jokes at my expense. I felt like something was wrong with the relationship. He asked me to do it back to him. I told him no, I’m not one of your guy friends. Ooo he got mad at that. laugh Needless to say he wasn’t the one.
Oops I meant to say I dated someone who made jokes at my expense and now I refuse to date men like that. Sometimes I get ahead of myself. laugh
Hello Merlot,

I believe physical abuse was mentioned as well in that video.


I would say being a little smarter for the next go-round would not be a bad idea.


Everyone has their level of tolerance for what is acceptable or not. Usually a narcissist will show many of the traits mentioned.

Good for you for moving on.

I'll follow your advice on that Johnny, thank you.
I looked at a movie call "AND NEVER LET HER GO."

That bloke was a true narcissist.
I was amaze on how many women allowed themselves to be manipulated by one man.
Now I got a glimpse into that world. I don't understand it, but I got a glimpse.
Friend...narcissists can be very charming.

some women manipulate men too. It can happen either way.

As for Narcs, I know a guy that smokes weed way too much, and he's afraid Narcs.

correction: professor

and he's afraid of Narcs.
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