Edelweiss - CH I - The ALGORHYTHM [ XLIV ]

Chapter I:

“Of course majority of those asked such simple questions,have no answer,or just don’t care, for they are trapped into same paradise of the insane named this earthly kingdom in which darkness found an abode in people’s hearts for millennia. Of course they have no answers,for those are not found except in the questions that pleases their ears,those questions which people adore and often use,to maintain their illusions, to capture their interest for acquiring vanity. A truth-based question is so harsh to one’s ears especially when that one lives in illusion,becomes the protector of its own deceit, and even clinging of lies over and over again in a worship. What majority prefers are those questions indulging their spirit inclined to this worldly purpose they don’t truly know,for only they’re imagining,or they are just dreamers,if not too much asleep, or hanging on to their bubble, where the comfort zone gives them a feeling of existence.Yet, this world as it is, heading straight to a downfall, when all what belongs to the old System will crash and every single field will collapse, will be the one to awake them all, for times of retribution are coming, swiftly as a ghost into the night.Then, people will have time to ask themselves what they have done wrong, so that the world they have known since children have changed so much and so drastically, and then, when they will be pressed by the tides of the fate, facing Reality – finally, what a blessing! I hear around me people complaining of pretty much – almost – everything, as if the world should be upon everyone’s desires, whatever those would mean, in a twisted sense of what is real; yet, I haven’t heard too many, around them, to open wide their eyes of their mind, and see that the actual problem of this world lies on themselves, that they are part of the problem too, for they – most of them, unknowingly – contribute in this society, in perpetuation of these illusions. It could be called such a paradox, to quote so many problems with this world and to what society is being exposed encountering them, and in the same time, that one to be counted among those who contribute in maintaining the illusion. Quite contrary, most of those who raise their hands in protesting against what they do not like in this world, are among the same ones who promote or make it happen, they are found among those who create the source of the problem, too. It is like in the pathetic situation that someone comes and protest in front of a city hall, saying: save the planet! – save the planet! – and when questioned with: what contributions you had, in saving the planet, yourself? has no answer to give, really. It is even the other extreme, when in order to acquire fame, or else favors, once comes to say loudly: look what good deeds I’ve made, to save the planet! Follow me! and blindly herding everyone else on the same path which can inflict and harm society even more. But where is the one who sits aside of all these, sighing,knowing what contribution had in raising any little thing in this society, but with great importance to uphold the Balance, but preferring be out of sight, to not be known to the eyes of the world, and to just pray God, so that others, to be guided into all the little things that they would do too, for humanity. It is so easy, to just come and protest for any little issue arise, when the bigger problem lies actually in the rest of the world, who can not understand the gravity of their situation. Yet, the crowds are being pushed in a side or another,without real results – other than destroying everything, more…
I ask simple questions, for everyone out there in this big world, not for I wishing to know such answers, but for the sake of truth, for Truth, really, can not be told, but must be realized.“

[ … ]
- Shall be continued…
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