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Never in my lifetime did I ever expect to see the leaders of democracy, founders of 'Human rights' and everything that is 'Fair and Just' for all of mankind embrace the likes of the most evil present day Nazi regime in Ukraine.

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Sorry you are confused as it was President No 45 who supported the leader of the most evil present day Nazi regime in the reformed USSR.
Agreed. Fully. And we must also not forget that amongst his many impairments, the 45th suffered from some obscure form of hereditary (his dad and some of his children show the same symptoms) mental health issue, potentially autism or low-functioning aspergers.
Circa 2000 neo-nazis/volunteers and 7000 nationalist paramilitaries are deputised as government sanctioned militia/paramilitaries to defend the country by fighting in an organised and more effective manner under common leadership, namely Zelenskyy. Weren't Azov ordered by Zelenskyy to surrender from the sreel plant, presumably for the better good. That never made sense to me though.

Even extremist neo-nazis and jewish extremist paramilitary fighters, sworn enemies, have laid aside their differences to better defend their country. This also gave them access to high-tech weaponry.

It's a case of gathering together all available fighting resources and this has proven to be highly effective.

As a side note Azov were financed by an Oligarch prior to the government taking them in. Well funded independant paramilitary groups are a loose cannon which may become available for hire, so that's also something to bear in mind.

It seems to me that somebody has brains in Ukraine and is using them wisely. I do find it hard to believe that it is Zelenskyy, possibly some Oligarchs, after all it was Russian Oligarchs that controlled Yeltsin and then got Putin elected. Also Ukraine Oligarchs were influential in Ukraine presidential elections.

Remember if you turn to the west Putin will destroy you. I think his goals shift with developments, he's liable to do anything. Apparently his family is locked up in a nuclear-proof underground luxury estate in Siberia. Didn't sanctions prevent some of his family from living in the west, well they are safe now and out of the equation.
What do you mean by the oligarchs got Putin elected?

I think Putin got elected because of the oligarchs as in one gangster to rule them all. But I'm not sure if the oligarchs wanted Putin elected I mean I think they had an easier time overall under Yeltsin's gangsters paradise. Putin crushed the other oligarchs who rivalled him and some benefit trickles down to the Russian people by having one gangster to rule them all. I don't think the oligarchs wanted Putin anymore than the American elite want Trump even if they are the reason why we got them. The western establishment deserves all the respect of Weimar Germany or Yeltsin's Russia, but just because they deserve to get taken down in a second doesn't meant they want to get taken down in a second.
Although the benefit of one gangster to rule them all is not trickling down to the Russian people anymore. How long is it before the one gangster to rule them all goes mad with power? In the long-term you're better off with the unhealthy competition of rival gangsters with some exception for Julius Caesar who was perfect.
Boris Berezovsky got Putin elected, then once in office Putin turned on the Oligarchs. I can't explain it all here, better if you read about it.
It's the way it is in Russia, one powerful leader, always has been. It's accepted by all political groups, criminal gangs and the mafia. Everybody is accommodated and there is a resolution centre for major disputes.

Firstly I don't give a rats a** as to what trump did or did not do. That goes for Putin and everyone thats supposed to be the chiefs in the organization. Period

I'm talking here about the innocent women and kids, old and young that are targeted and marked for annihilation by these pigs under Zelensky just for the simple fact that they are Russian.

You would also agree that Russia is behind the attack on the convoy.doh

Your comment has just confirmed to me how easily supposedly 'intelligent' mindset gets fed and manipulated with utter garbage to the extent that you cant think for yourself any longer. You just sit back and absorb the shit that's being fed to you and your com-padres. No wonder this world is in such a mess.

I rest my case. My personal feelings are portrayed in my writing.

Just about every evening France24 has a 'DEBATE' on the happenings in Ukraine. My knowledge is that any debate has participants FOR and AGAINST the said topic under debate.
I have yet to see even one of these many debates take place thats not TOTALLY against Russia.

What a flippen joke.
Sounds like a stretch of the imagination. Have you any evidence?
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