Edelweiss - CH I - The ALGORHYTHM [ XLV ]

Chapter I:

“Not a wonder! The order-followers search someone to blame. Always. But who’s to blame? The one inventing the weapon, or the one forging the weapon? The one producing the weapon on scale, or the one to commerce it along on the larger scale? The one making the deal of selling the weapon, or the one who signs the documents of purchasing it? The one carrying the crates with the weapons, to the wagon, or the one driving the truck to deliver the weapons? The one unloading the weapons to the warehouse, or the one labeling their use? The one who opens the crates, or the one who ask to see the weapons at sight? The one who trains people in using the weapons, or the ones who show enthusiasm in learning their use? The one who plans over the use of such weapons, or the one preparing their handle? The one giving the orders to use a weapon, or the ones who pull the trigger?! Should this, be a wonder, on what the world has accomplished by now?! With such boast over civilization, how is possible than mass murder is like a thing en vogue? With such an applause coming from nations, invoking progress, how is possible that for any type of war there are always plenty resources, while for the starved people isn’t any mean at all, than they being the mean for being used, in a manipulation of crowds into killing eachother? With such an outstanding representation of speeches there in the auditorium, with great words as great illusionists selling them like sweet cakes to the blinded crowds, over such honorable concepts such as freedom – of everything what the state dictates, of liberty – under the supervision of the iron hand of the govern, re-designed democracy – in which everyone can manifest in any possible way as good citizen of the modern era as long as following the proposed guidelines of conduct, how is that possible? - Reality is ranging from 90 to 180 degrees exactly the opposite of every single lie told to the believers, in a blinded herding, up to the same point in which the masses worshipping the lies, generation upon generation following the new script designed to lead? But always, someone to be blamed, isn’t it?! Right!! It happens that the one to be blamed is always fit as long as the narrative goes and fits the purpose. It happens – of course, coincidentally – as this particular word usage into avoiding the well-known theory of conspiracy, or the permanent fight with miss/diss-information, - that everyone has found an issue, - even the tiniest! – so that the culprit goes along with it. Everyone there is a problem, regardless of what is actually real or not – there is the mean to just tackle around a new way of finding a remedy, for the scenario to be played along. Without to even mention of ideological changes and subversion tactics into pushing the crowds doing exactly what the think-tanks expect them to do, under well-exercised scenarios - for future development, of course! – to stay sharp by the rules, I would stop my head around, for just a little while, and as long I’m being permitted, to ask only simple questions – and as well to answer only when I’m asked, - oh! I almost forgot! 1st of all and before all, to ask permission, if I’m allowed to speak, and under what terms and agreements, for how long I’m having granted such privilege, along with the hourglass from which the sand of vanity to flow in counting on an on, some of what needs to be addressed. Without to even advocate for a side or another, I ask a simple question – for I’m the questioner – and that’s my endeavor into exploring the depths of the minds of people: I’m sorry, you have said that there is always someone to blame, am I correct? Indeed, it is. Then, could you be kind in telling me who’s not to be blamed, at least?!“

[ … ]
- Shall be continued…

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