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I turned 40 last month and everyone is saying oh your 40s will be exciting. Nope. I feel like each year that passes is even more boring than the previous year. And I don’t mean boring like I have nothing to do. I mean psychologically boring. I always have plenty to do. I want to know when life started to feel boring to you guys and what did you do to remedy it? I feel like I’ve experienced everything except marriage and children and no good on that front as I seemingly grow distant from men each year that passes as well. I’m becoming LESS of what they want. laugh
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Best advice is do things now even if you aren't motivated. You Will look back in 10 years time and be disappointed that you didn't just do something.

That decade will be gone, then you are going to have to try in your 50's and that will be harder.

So yes your 40's can be great IF you make the effort.

If you were to travel somewhere for example there would be new experiences and opportunities. You know the rest.

Maybe start with the Titanic centres you will meet like-minded people.
Marloit (lol) is correct, if you are only 40 that is something
mucho grande better than 50+ cos the fatigue starts to set in (at my age).
So, just do it hunn. Whatever it might be.
I can tell you this at age 51: it only gets worse.
Wait til you hit 70. Then it really sinks in, this is the end. And why the heck did we worry about stuff and bother. So you decide that the life you are living is the life you want. No more hopes and dreams. You look around at home, hobbies, garden and whatever and make it what you like and want.
I told my husband long ago, what we wanted were wishes, not wants. If they had mattered that much, we would have done them. Your life is a mountain of wishes. The wants not so much.
Ignore what society lays out as your path and choose the one you want. At the end,you will see how much of your life was what others told you were the path.
I get up every day and think..great..I am awake. Why?confused Then get up and start my day and do what I want to. I am big on hobbies and youtube is great at DYI'ing me to overload. I had the marriages without the kids. Each was great in it's own way and each had issues. Now I have an SO whom I see for a couple days at a time. No desire to marry ever again.
Widowhood is the reward for a life of servitude. Now I answer to myself only. Enjoy your freedom. Make life what you want. Get a hobby. Take a trip. Build a house. And make up your mind..this is your life. And it is precious as you will see more and more as that light races closer.teddybear
If men would get up off their asses and be hunters, then women will not be bored. applause
Get a photo first of all, or don't we deserve to see what we're supposed to hunt. christmas cool
Well, I remember a blog you've written once. That's an excellent way to stave off boredom.

Yes, at 40 you are getting old. I'm very much in your same situation and I don't like it one bit. The physical decline is starting to become noticeable. This is really bad.
maybe you would feel on top of the world...if you had a man in your lifeconfused
you could always ask a man out....if you like himidea

regarding could aways adoptwow

by the way my advice is free and could be life changinggrin
I wish(thank you Orz for pointing that out about wants vs. wishes. That is a very intelligent point) to have my own children. I don’t want to raise someone else’s. That’s something that I have made up my mind about and feel 100% okay with my final decision. So I either WISH to meet a man without children or one that has grown children already.

I was told by a man that I shouldn’t chase men. I did in the past and fell on my face quite a few times. It didn’t feel good. Now I know what it feels like when men get rejected by women. It feels quite terrible but I could ask a man out but then it doesn’t go anywhere. Had quite a few of those too. Then my mom said you could make yourself up a bit more to be more attractive. Men are visual. Yeah, I know. I’m working on it. I haven’t wanted to make myself up in years. That’s my fault. I guess right now I’m having fun when men know what I really look like on a daily basis. I don’t put makeup on like I do on my dating profile pics. One man couldn’t delete me faster when I sent him a real time pic of me lol. My mom said no Danielle you can’t send them a pic of you not made up in the beginning. They don’t know you well enough to see you that way. It’s crazy the way life has all these rules but I got a kick out of that. Like don’t they know women look night and day different without makeup? It scared him enough to delete me. laugh

So I suppose the answer is that I have to be more proactive about living my life. I was when I was younger and I think that’s the difference. Thanks for helping me realize that everyone. My mom would say well duh. Life isn’t gonna come to you. Well it did when I was younger! What I fail to realize though that I was more proactive back then.

My mom uses the word “duh” at 70 years old lol. I love that.

Ozzie. I wouldn’t mind meeting you in real-time. You seem like a sincere down to earth dude from all the accumulated comments you have made on my blogments. I promise to be made up if we do. laugh

Until next time, everyone. wave
Yeah, you need to dress up a a little. Show some cleavage and be pretty. No shouting and waiving your hand around or spitting on the ground. No cursing either.

Truth be told, femininity is as much a turn on as curves and shapes and that is nowadays in very short supply.
^Thank you much. Always good to hear that feedback from men. Now it’s up to me to do it. wink
Cool, I'll visit you on the west coast then if I one day go to the us of a. hug
Looking forward to it. blushing
I've got this nagging suspicion that ozzie has shagged half the planet's worth of women. I wonder how many illegit ozzies there are around the globe. dunno

Jealous? Who? Me? snooty
From what I hear happiness is the shape of U with 40 being the low point in life. I imagine the only reason we feel so bad at 40 is because we can remember how it felt to be alive before. Give it another 10-15 years and you won't remember the meaning of the word fun, you will begin to laugh at weather mellowing with age free from the memory of what once was youth.
It's better to have loved and lost but better does not mean happier. You would be happier now if you were not happy before. Better to have loved and lost is tragic, to live life is tragic, and in everything that exists therein lies the seed of the opposite. You're unhappy because you were happy, and happy because you were unhappy. The 40s are the depression which blazes pathways to the second childhood of old age.
I'm almost 60, and I still get out and have a lot of fun. I do admit that most of my fun revolves around riding my Harley trike, Road trips are a great way to relieve boredom. It's not for everyone but it works great for me.
I love road trips as well, I drove to the Grand Canyon back in May. I never been on a motorcycle before. They are on my bucket list now.
You could always do something exciting and ,maybe a little dangerous to break the boredom. Learn mountain climbing, sky dive, drive a race car, or learn to steeplechase.

In Ukraine fully 20% of their Army is female. Here two of them sing beautiful goodbye (Bella Ciao) as they reload their captured Russian AK12s and prepare to rejoin the fight. I doubt they are bored.
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