And now we break for a little humor

A couple had been wanting to have a child for so long, and was so desperate that they consulted a Shaman hoping that he could solve their problem.

The Shaman said that they would have their first child next year, with a condition that it is accompanied by a curse, that the very first name or the person that the child would utter will immediately die.

Thinking that it is their only chance, the couple agreed. And soon enough, the woman got pregnant and gave birth to a healthy child.

Few months had passed, and remembering the curse that the Shaman had told them, the couple waited nervously for the child to utter his first word.

Then one early morning, the couple was startled to hear the child saying “DA-DA…DAD-DAH”….. and the Man, trembling and sweating profusely, just closed his eyes and awaits for his final breath to stop…but after a few minutes, nothing happened and he is still alive..

So he embraces his wife in joy, and both of them laugh happily that the curse is not true and did not happened.

Then suddenly they heard a commotion nearby and their neighbor’s wife was crying hard shouting “WE WERE JUST HAVING BREAKFAST WHEN MY HUSBAND SUDDENLY FELL AND DIED”…

Hence the saying love thy neighbor but, don't get caught!! rolling on the floor laughing
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No need for a paternity test. laugh
The Shaman, being a visionary, I'm sure he could see that...

First, the kid's first word was going to be Daddy

Secondly, he also knew who the father was.

Very clever and wise man indeed!.

Was just using critical thinking here smile
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