Sushi Buffet...

I had lunch at a famous Japanese Sushi Buffet today. It doesn't matter that they have small plates as it's an 'all you can eat' restaurant. So I had 3 full plates and a few trips to the desert display.

Yeah, too good to the point where I ate so much my breathing was impaired. When I got home I went into a state of hibernation.

My vital signs are coming back online and I'll probably go walking later.

Mmmm... sushi
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Things I DIDN'T eat at a Japanese restaurant:

French fries
Chicken nuggets
Fried Chicken

And if you did, then you're out of your mind. giggle

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Yeah, I love sushi but I like mine cooked. I can't handle raw fish or seafood. Ugh!
Most of the Japanese style sushi restaurants have 2 sections... raw and cooked.
There is always a line at the grill. You select raw cuts of meat and vegetables, they cook it right in front of you.
I think those foods are for parents who bring their children.
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