Indian products versus foreign products.

Hello friends,
No India made product can be compared to a product from Japan, U.K. USA, Switzerland, because of its quality of functionality, usefulness and long lasting qualities. Raw materials used in a foreign product are better, technology used is better and functionality world class.Indian product is like a beggar, beginning a begging culture of recolonization, appreciation and looks.
A foreign product looks beautiful, works flawlessly and lasts a lifetime. To top the list is the marketability of the product, it is done by ads. in TVs, hoardings and free gifting to its users.
A mess has been created in the automobile market, especially in Electric Vehicles (EV), giving a tough competition to US based Tesla Electric vehicles in terms of price. Some Indian companies like Tata has come out with an electric vehicle priced below 10 lakhs rupees.But Tata is wrong as well as right. In India, price is everything in life. It may be a loaf of bread or an expensive Diamond from a Jeweler. Tata has to think on another point and that is manufacturing. A foreign car is better manufactured than an Indian car.You cannot compare a Fiat car with a German Mercerize Benz.
So watch out for the foreign products in Indian market.
Manohar Bhatia.
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What about the Royal Enfield?

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Royal Enfield is an Indian multinational motorcycle manufacturing company headquartered in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. The Royal Enfield brand, including its original English heritage, is the oldest global motorcycle brand in continuous production. The company operates manufacturing plants in Chennai in India." Wickie
Two different entities!

I'm a little confused. You're from Mumbai and you're knocking Indian manufacturing? I should think you'de be praising the products of your country. confused
As if. Just because he's Indian, doesn't mean that he has to be impartial to Indian products. I'd do the same. If I think that something's shite, I won't be calling it anything but that, irrespective of anything else.
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