Edelweiss - CH I - The ALGORHYTHM [ XLVI ]

Chapter I:

“Since most of these order-followers were trained to behave like domesticated animals herded wherever the benevolent hand of the state finds fitting in playing their narratives and scenarios for the future development of the System,with high hopes for autonomous functioning upon using as many as the plebs as lab-rats in the greatest human experimentation ever done in whole history, it is even more irrelevant to try waking up anyone out there by any means, or to align to their norms and just go with the flow,in the hope for the better. Nay!Nothing will get better, and whoever thinks such thing is possible,clings of an illusion which will shatter even with a greater shock,when all expectations relied upon a world which clearly is shown as much as rotten to its core as the entire old System to be replaced.It is the time of reflection upon how to overcome such tides that are coming,like a psychological preparedness to face all the events– which definitely,are coming.Whoever stays with the hopes that the future looks promising and counting down the quotes like “after a storm, sun rises” –gets delusional,going to the same extreme as that which amplifies everything under a thought that everything is collapsing.It is not time for worries like “what I’m gonna do?” if such times come,but for the sake of keeping a good dose of sanity which definitely will be needed,one has to just be aware how everything unfolds,for these are times in which the Harvest has began.Between staying positive and exaggeration of what good things could come along,for the sake of survival instinct which starts to rise as normal,with each tide that comes along,one should – or could – choose the middle path, and just not allowing itself being trapped into extremes.None of those extremes are necessary, unless for the triage of the society,like the grains which after being collected, are being processed along through a windmill.Once a human being realize it has been gifted with a mind, from its Master – God – starts using it wisely, or adheres to all what the Holy Scripture teaches, even if gets aware how much lack of faith is among people, or that there are no deeds who go hand in hand with the Christian faith, to show the relevant Truth happening. These are the only means by which a human being can pass, through these times that are coming: humility. Nothing else works.It can not work, because the world has been drastically changed since few generations ago, and vanity floats everywhere, in everything what mankind does.This world,therefore,shall pass,like the skies moving the clouds from sunrise to sunset in a beautiousness in which only the saints can comprehend it,when they say:“God, I am like the guest, in this world” and praise Lord Jesus, for everything that is.Yet,for people living in the world,amidst these illusions and tricks which are meant for trapping one’s soul in chains,these words,prayers,do not bare the same weight; it is normal,they all grown up watching so much violence, sheltering into their heart so much misfit, from the Reality which is found in a continuous present.It is normal, to every single one, to have doubts, to have no faith, to have no deeds, to be confused, - it is normal,to find all so hard to comprehend.They have grown in a world in which humanity to be felt for just a little, only among their family, or just seen in small doses, around others who still have left some moral values,or inclined to follow up a spiritual path; they sudden realize they are surrounded by darkness and evil, and that there is nobody really out there,to fix everything, for them;some of them,look into this society,in a silent asking for a helpful voice and neither that one,can not be found,because on a deeper look,people have chosen a different path,which goes straight to the cliff and then, they will be enslaved through advanced technology, from human beings, numbers in a list with numbers"
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