Uncle for the third time - what's up!

My mother, my aunt and me went for lunch at my sister and her fiancé's house. At first it was a regular lunch, but then my sister and her fiancé busted out their surprise:

They are expecting a child. My sister is due in April next year! They don't know the gender, but they think it's going to be a girl, because my family has a bit of a habit of making girls..

My brother has two girls, my cousin has two girls, my other cousin has one girl and my sister's fiancé's brother has two girls as well.. All the signs points to a girl - so I hope it'll be a boy.

I did not expect to be named uncle for the third time yesterday, but I'm excited!
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Congratulations UNCLE.
Kids are awesome! dancing
Save your cash... it will be used for birthdays and holiday events! laugh
If you know your balls, then you should know the gender of the baby conversing

If your sisters stomach develops round like a football, then the babe is a girl,
but if more like a rugby ball instead, then the baby is a boy.

Anyways, congrats all round, to the happy times a head wine
I. Well, I have this compulsion to be honest that I'm really struggling to contain. I... well.
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