DeSantis and the Migrant Flights to Martha's Vineyard...

Different versions of this story keep popping up and the reader reactions are wildly opposites.
As a Florida resident, I see lots of media about our governor Ron DeSantis. That too has wildly opposite opinions about him. Months ago, I predicted he was being groomed to run for the 2024 presidential election and it appears he does lots of attention getting schemes to be seen and heard.
The most direct effect I've seen from him was being instrumental in getting vaccine distribution to many of the 55 and over communities. People around here still bring that topic up and as far as I see, he's liked for support of the elderly.

Recently, he's part of convincing Venezuelan asylum seeker undocumented immigrants from Texas to sign up and they will be transported to Boston in the Northeast where they will be offered housing, food and cash assistance. Pamphlets were printed in English and Spanish explaining the benefits and what was in store for them.
The plan was misrepresented as the immigrants ended up not where they were told, they would be relocated, instead they were placed (dumped) on the resort island of Martha's Vineyard in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

DeSantis claims responsibility for this. He also had the help of a former U.S. Army combat medic and counterintelligence officer Perla Huerta. Both of them are in the news.
Why? It would appear he's forcing an issue that nothing is being done about illegal immigration in the United States. The migrants became political props for his actions.

Ron... I think your point was made. One fatal part of your plan was to use funding from a different budget and transport/traffic asylum seekers across state lines.
I'm reading that lawsuit against you could cast a shadow while you wrangle out of this.

Sure they filled out consent forms before boarding on a plane. I think the word is duped.
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beachy, thanks for the link.
The reader comments were informative.
Surprised to hear Perla Huerta, an ex-Army counterintelligence agent giving out her real name.

so how do you charge a state governor for transporting migrants to areas across the u.s., that are already here illegally.

if you charge state governors for sharing the burdens they have with law breakers; what are the plans for the federal government doing the same?

then we have a the issue of the federal government NOT helping any of the situations at the border. so what are those states supposed to do? share the burden because they can only handle so much themselves.
no one was kidnapped from their homes or homelands.

illegal entry, who cares where they get bused or flown to?

transported to other areas so they can help in the burdens they won't stop or generally don't have to deal with. aren't some of the areas they're being moved to, sanctuary cities and such?

we can see how well they greeted by the people in martha's vineyard. they didn't want them either. million and multi-million dollar homes and they wanted nothing to do with as few as 50 ILLEGAL immigrants.

many states in the south and, especially along the coasts and borders, deal with potentially thousands a day.
Illegal use of funds.
You are wrong.

All the migrants tricked by DeSantis were here legally.

no, even with a court date which many won't go too, does not make them legal residents or here legally.

the article doesn't explain anything. illegal immigrants get moved around. anything from the legal process means is that they are known of. if they could have refused the flight which some did and stayed where they were.

check the government site even though it's full of crap too. processed expulsions. wouldn't have about 3 million or so illegal immigrants this year alone if the border were secured. they get moved. too many for any one area to take in and control.

temporarily here legally is their opinion.
florida has funds aside for the handling of illegal immigrants. including transportation.

it's not trafficking. there was no special purpose except to share the burden of ILLEGAL immigrants.

sex. labor. something related to bondage. main problems related to trafficking.

they weren't even being exploited as much as it exposed the hypocrisy of so many. to get the support and help these states need in securing the border, exposing the hypocrisy and making the ones that are supposed to help the problem take some responsibility. even if it means dropping some of that problem right into their laps.
DeSantis is a dead shit
All I have to say, is if the federal government was doing their job....meaning providing funding for the states hit the hardest with the inflow of people..these kind of games would not have to be done.

People need to know that children are being made sex slaves to p*dophile...and, drug lords are trafficking Fentanyl to our young people...who think they are just going to get a high...

The media tells what they want their agenda to be....We have an administration..who is inept...and, unable to do their job.

It was a move that DeSantis did to show that the elite of our not want immigrants in their own backyard.

DeSantis has done an amazing job..with the hurricane....Not, just making appearances before the camera..but, actually on the ground. Sadly, many people can not help but speak badly when they are suffering...

Elitism is alive in this country..shame, that if it does not effect me...who cares.
Lets see. It is terrible to transport illegals out of the over crowded "concentration" camps along the Mexican border to those sanctuary areas of the wealthy who boost how they welcome the illegals. At least until they are no longer 2000 miles from their backyards.
What bull! Not in my backyard! Amazing how people no one wants, with their hands out, look a gift horse in the mouth. They flood our border states expecting to be housed, clothed, educated, fed and given jobs they dont qualify for because they have made their home countries hell holes.
I saw that the money used on illegals could provide a vet $50,000 per year for their lives. But, American citizen ( including the immigrants who worked to become one) who struggles to survive and works and pays taxes deserves anything but a massive deficit their great great grandkids will try to pay off.
The illegals vanish in the US while working families live in their cars.very mad tongue
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