The water in the swimming pool is getting warm

Long and short of it. Russia wants to rumble. So cool. Finally. Let;s do this. Everyone has their Iodine pills? Hope so, you may need them.

professor banana wave
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At our age, the Thyroid has virtually withered away. Give the tablets to the kiddies, mate. Most of you yanks will survive anyway. Bet all of you have already stocked food and dug your bunkers isn't it?

Federal Government distributed them her about 3 or 4 years ago,mainly in case of a Reactor-accident!
Might come in handy,in case that Stalin--Understudy in the Kremlin has Suicidal Thoughts!grin
The Red Army under Stalin performed Much Better -
They feared Him more'n Hitler & the Wehrmacht - And with Damned Good Reason.

Posted 19 hours ago -
Russian sub capable of carrying a "Doomsday Weapon" has gone missing from NATO radar

It was the opposite. The red army performed terribly under Stalin and didn't begin to fight well until they feared the Nazis more than Stalin. The only way that Russians would fight well is if Ukraine threatened the extermination of all Russia. The red army didn't perform well until Stalin and his yes-men were silenced under the stress of necessity. The Russians briefly believing in merit, and not believing in Stalin, because their lives depended on it. They fought terribly at the beginning of the war and it wasn't until they were humbled that they had any chance whatsoever. They didn't win as fearful yes men, they won by learning the hard way.
At the beginning of the war they'd sent most people who knew how to do anything to Siberia and left themselves wide open to the Nazis. It wasn't until it got really bad that they decided to rehabilitate at least some of the people who knew how to do anything in the real world. Stalinism didn't win the battle of Stalingrad, violating Stalinism won the battle of Stalingrad, Stalinism is what caused the battle of Stalingrad how Russia managed to get beat that badly to begin with.
In other words it was competition, a fight to the death the greatest competition there is, that caused the red army to fight well. It wasn't the cult of personality it was the fracturing of that cult which gave merit a chance. Stalin couldn't even give a rousing speech the one thing you might expect from that type of leader. Obviously Hitler had a cult of personality but he did not kill everybody talented, and he did give a rousing speech. At the outbreak of the war the Germans had much more merit and enthusiasm. Had Hitler been friendlier to the Russian people the Nazis probably would have won. The Russians had no choice but to fight as hard as humanly possible, Stalin had no choice but to appoint a general who knows how to fight a war.
And that's all a good difference between Stalinism and Nazism I think. If they do badly enough leftists admit they got it wrong at the end of the day it's supposed to be based upon reason, right-wingers are more likely to die in the bunker its more emotional based on confidence, loyalty and fanaticism. If you're losing you're going to say you're not, you're going to believe otherwise.
Which makes sense the left is all about changing your mind at the expense of applying yourself to any one thing. And the right wing is the bull if you say the same thing over and over again people will believe it.
Well Emperor Putin has many problems as more and more Russians begin to notice he has no clothes.

It isn't all his fault. He been stealing and lying for 20+ years and everyone under him copied that (okay maybe it is all his fault. banana The invasion should have been over in a week, but Russia has no Joint Command. So the Air Force did their thing, the airborne did what they wanted to do, the armored and artillery forces decided to drive 150 miles with no fuel, and no one bothered to coordinate with anyone else.
400,000 Russian soldiers believed to be on active duty and receiving salary turned out to have died in the 1920s and 30s and existed only on paper. Which Russian General pocketed that salary money has never been revealed. The Russians filled BMPs and trucks with FSB riot police to beat back the crowds in Kyiv, but instead sent them into combat with rubber bullets. They died of course. The invincible (and expensive) Moscova naval cruiser was spotted by a drone and sunk with an anti-ship missile fired from a truck on shore. Those airborne troops did capture the Ukrainian airports they landed in, but no one came to relieve or replace them and the Russian parachutists all died when Ukraine's army took the airfields back. No one else in Russia's army had known the Russian airborne was going to the airports. Best estimate (based on counting bodies and body parts) is over 63,000 Russian soldiers have died as of mid October. Gosh knows how many wounded (usually wounded are 3x the dead in combat).
Many parents of dead Russian soldiers have not been told of their son's deaths as Russia cremates a lot of them right there inside Ukraine or Belarus and tell the families, if they ask, those persons are missing. That way no death benefits need to be paid. Many families in Russia have learned the fate of the dead Russian soldiers found by Ukraine only because Ukraine searches the bodies, finds out the name, then sends a 'sorry to tell you this' email to the family or just posts the death via combat notice on their Telegram channel.
There are 12.5 Trillion dollars of untapped natural resources (oil, gas, gold, Uranium, Titanium, etc.) to steal in Ukraine. <Source Russian Federal TV>
Putin needs to make the theft happen or his own Duma will put a bullet in his head, call it a heart attack and pick someone else to lead them out of the mess. According to inferences drawn from Russian State TV shows Russia plans to pull it's army back to Crimea, fortify that narrow neck of land and let the army of Ukraine take Kherson. When the Ukraine army leaves Kherson and ventures into the low lands near Crimea, using either a tactical nuclear shell, or a pre mining, Russia will then blow the huge dam North of Kherson and flood the area with 15 feet of water. It is probable that in the 2 weeks it will take for the water to drain away Russia will then invade via Belarus secure in the belief that the Army of Ukraine has been drowned. That is their announced plan anyway. Of course they are already claiming Ukraine will blow their own dam to prevent the Russian army from mounting a new offensive.
Putin is basing all his actions and hopes on a belief Europe will capitulate, go back to buying Russian gas and lift the cap on Russian oil that starts at the end of December and also that the US Republican Party will take control of the US Senate in the November elections and as promised this week by some Republican Senate stooges of Putin begin to terminate US support of Ukraine.

I'm reading Mikhail Khodorkovsky's book 'The Russia Conundrum'. His story came up in previous books I've read, including books by Bill Browder, Catherine Belton, Heidi Blake and others.
He says the Russian people do know they are being lied to and cheated, but they are holding their peace.

Also he says that Putin has already dictated the text of the current school history books, just as Stalin did.

I'd recommend that book. He was very close to Putin. He knows how the whole system works from the Kremlin, the mafia, to the prison camps. It's a very easy read.

Putin is struggling but he has been playing this game since the 90's and he has no intention of stopping.
The man is a somewhat functional psychopath. Your life means nothing to him. The life of anyone, be they Russian or not, not vital to continued maintenance of his power means nothing to him.
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